Chapter 28

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Today I woke up feeling great, probably because my day went really nice the other day with jack and seeing and spending the day with my mother if only id be able to wake up like this everyday or at least one day a week

Anyways I got up getting ready for school I went with a floral tank top with a grey cardigan and some rolled up jeans

I did my usual routine and was now at school with Alyssa

"Yeah he's very different"

She laughed "what do mean"

"I mean when I first met him and saw him I thought he was like Sam, like a jerk and just everything that Is Sam. Jack is not like that, he is so caring and understanding"

"Oh, I understand..yeah both jacks are better than Sam" she rolled he eyes

Playfully I hit her arm "You and Johnson?"

"What about me and Johnson" she blushed

"You know exactly what I mean!" I smirked at her

"We've been very close" she was still blushing

"When will you two be a thing?" I asked sounding very playfully annoying

She chuckled and said "Haha, soon hopefully"

"He better hurry up, I'll help him" I winked at her

We both laughed together and the bell rang telling us we should start walking to 1st period

We said our goodbyes and I started walking to our class

I stopped at my locker to get my stuff and walked to my first period

I walked In and it was different the seats were different so I was confused I didn't know where to sit

I stood standing with others in the corner waiting for our seats

I saw sam walk in the classroom and as soon as he did I felt weak I was shaking

I was nervous being around him?

He saw me and gave me a warm smile

"Alright as you can see you have different seats so I'll start telling you where you are sitting.." The teacher broke the attention between sam and I

"Emily you are seating here behind is Andrew after is Alex, Sierra.." He kept going

"Maya..beside you Sam.." He kept going

I walked to my seat without giving sam a look

I sat down and sam followed and took a seat as well

I looked at him and he looked back licking his lips

"Hello" he smirked

"Hi" I said back.

I was shocked when sam placed his hand on my thigh and started moving it

I looked at him he was smiling

I touched his hand to pull it away but he grabbed it and hold it

I gave him a stare but he was still gently holding my hand and suddenly locked our fingers together he smiled

Which caused me to smile


I was sitting with jack and jack talking

I was eating pizza, and it was delicious.

"We had fun in the weekend" Jack G said winking and raising his eyebrows telling Johnson

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