Chapter 51

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Today is the day.

Prom, prom, prom, prom. It's all about prom tonight.

I woke up feeling so good. The best thing of all is that my parents don't go to work today until later.

I quickly got out my bed and went into my bathroom to wash my face, teeth, and brush my hair.

I walked downstairs, which I almost tripped on the 4th step.

I saw my dad in the living room.


He turned around and smiled, giving me a tight hug.

"You're so grown up already! Look at you already going to prom tonight"

I smiled hugely. "I know, I love you apá"

"Y yo a ti mi amor" he responded.

(It basically means and so do I)

"Oh, and there's a prom gift for you from your parents out the driveway"

I quickly became confused.

"Can I check?" I curiously asked.

"Honey!" He yelled for my mom.

I was very confused right now.

My mom quickly came down the stairs.

"Hey momma" I gave her a hug.

"You ready?" She smiled

I nodded and so did she.

I made my way to the door and opened it, looking outside and finding a brand new matte Range Rover with a huge red bow.

I gasped.

I've been wanting one ever since I was younger.

I began to cry and quickly went to hug them both.

"I love you guys so much! Thank you" I said

They just smiled.

"Oh my god, this is crazy, you-you guys are amazing! I feel like Kylie Jenner now"

They bursted out laughing.

"But we're not rich like them" my laughed.

"Ok, yeah no, but you guys are rich" I added

"You are" they corrected.

"Thank you seriously" I replied

"No problem honey, you should be getting ready for prom!" My mom added

"Oh damn"

I quickly entered the house again and ran to my room.

Sam texted me.

Sam: Tonight is the night baby😍

Me: I'm so excited!

Sam: me 2 I'll see you soon (;

I put my phone away and began doing my hair.

I left curlers on my hair and did my makeup.

The only thing I was really good on was Makeup.

I added some foundation, bronzer, and highlighter.

For my eyes I added falsies, smoky eye, eyeliner, and did my eyebrows.

I finished an hour later.

I decided to text Alyssa.

Me: I finished my makeup 👀

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