Chapter 36

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I was walking to the front of the school to meet Sam.

I saw him standing there

I walked over to him, it was quiet.

I put my hand on his shoulder


He turned around

"Maya..." He looked at me

"Um, what did you want to talk about?" I asked

"Uhhh, nothing really I just wanted to be with you" he told me

I nodded and chuckled.

"Tryouts are after school and tomorrow, hopefully I make the team" he said

"Yeah, I hope you do I was planning on trying out for volleyball"

"You should, I'll go with you"

I chuckled "I don't know yet"

"Do you play?" He asked

"Well, when I was in middle school I played, and when I was smaller I played soccer I enjoy both"

He smiled "athletic?"

I smiled back "I guess you can say that"

"Try out for cheer" he said

I shook my head, "no, that's not my sport" I laughed

"Why not? If I make the team, we can be the cute football and cheerleader couple" he said winking at me.

I laughed "I'll stick with volleyball or soccer"

He playfully rolled his eyes "fine"

The bell rang, telling us lunch is over.

"Fuck" sam said

"What?" I ask

"We don't have any classes together anymore"

I nodded "I know"

He laughed "I want to keep seeing you"

"well that sucks, doesn't it?"

"Fuck yes it does"

I was blushing

"Can I at least get a hug?" He opened his arms for a hug.

"Fine" I smiled at him

He pulled me close to him and hugged me tight. When we were about to pull away he kissed my cheek

It surprised me

"Bye" I waved

"Bye cutie" he waved back smiling


*after school*

I was walking to my car after school and had my phone in my hand. I checked to see if I had any new notifications and saw I had a new message

Jack: babe where are you?

Me: I'm on my way to my car

Jack: don't leave wait

I was confused but chose to wait. I got to my car and unlocked it and waited for Jack.

"Babe!" I turned around and saw him running to me

"Yeah? What's wrong"

"I wanted you to come with me to the tryouts" he said catching his breath

"What? You're trying out?" I ask confused

He chuckled "yeah, for football"

"Oh" I said.

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