Chapter 43

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"Alright, but ay can you promise me one thing?" Sam asked me, just about when he was going to leave.

"Yes?" I questioned him.

"Promise me, you'll actually go to bed and not cry again" he told me looking right into my eyes.

I nodded, "I promise"

I sticked up my pinky, Sam then intertwined his pinky to mine.

"Promised" he said.

"I'll see you tomorrow Sam, thanks for coming. You made me feel better" I told him, giving him a warm smile.

"You know im always here for you, because I care and love you" he told me, smiling.

"Anyways, yeah. I'll see you tomorrow. I should get going now, bye" he came to me give me a hug.

I hugged him tight. It's incredible how after Sam did what he did to me that one day at the party. I still feel so protected and warm with him.

"Bye" I told him, waving him, and seeing him walk out the doorway.

"Bye!" He yelled back.


After Sam left, I couldn't lie I still felt bad. Although, he did make me feel a whole lot better. He's a great friend.

I walked back upstairs and straight into my bathroom, taking my toothbrush and toothpaste out.

I brushed my teeth, washed my face, and fixed my bun.

I went back into my room, walked into my closet and picked my outfit for tomorrow.

A black VS hoodie, written "pink" in front with white letters, my Hollister distressed jeans, and white converse.

I finished and went straight to bed.


Sam's POV

I got to school, texting Jack.

Jack: meet me at the grass area

Already on my way to the grass area.

He quickly texted back,

Jack: alright bro

That motherfucker. He's going to pay.

I got to the grass area, and waited for him there several seconds.

"Ay man! What's up bro" he yelled at me, looking so happy.

As soon as he was close to me, I took a swing to his face.

He quickly reacted. Touching the side of his face I had just punched.

"What the fuck is your problem bitch!" He snapped shoving me.

"My mother fucking problem is you!" I snapped back

"The fuck did I do to you ass hole!" He yelled, he had his fist clenched.

"Oh nothing really bitch! Only you fucking played the girl I love, and had her crying all day yesterday!" I yelled in his face.

His face slowly turned into a sad face.

"What?" He asked.

"You fucking heard me Gilinsky!" I snapped, shoving him hard.

"Don't touch me fucker!" He yelled.

I took the opportunity to smack him.
He quickly pushed me to the floor repeatedly throwing faces to my face.

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