Chapter 18

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It was Thursday today I got up from bed and went to the bathroom to start getting ready for hell also known as school I did the usual and picked out my outfit I went with skinny jeans, crop top, cardigan, and black converse

I grabbed my stuff went downstairs and got myself some cereal for breakfast after I finished I made sure to clean up my mess and head to school

Once I got there I quickly spotted Lyss and Georgia and ran up to them "hey girls" they starred at me and smiled huge "hey! Are you coming to the party tonight?" Georgia asked me "uh ye-" I was interrupted by lyss "she got invited by the one and only Gilinsky she already said yes" I starred into the ground not wanting to talk about this

"What..." Georgia looked shocked "what about sammy?" I looked at her confused "what do you mean what about sammy" I rolled my eyes "he was planning on asking you" "no he wasn't let's just not talk about this because-" again interrupted by Georgia "Maya you don't understand that sammy-" I said I didn't want to talk about this.. "I'm leaving bye" I looked at them and walked away

I was walking to first period when I got a text from

lyss - sorry about that ignore Georgia she just kinda has a thing for Gilinsky

The text read

Me- whatever

Lyss- is it sammy or Gilinsky

Me- it's none bye

What the hell I mean they both are so hot but Gilinsky isn't my type and sammy is a complete jerk and whore

I was putting my phone away when I saw Gilinsky, sammy and the rest of the crew Gilinsky quickly spotted me and smiled at me as he walked over to "hey Maya" he hugged me and i hugged back I noticed that Sammy was starring over at us so I decided to make him jealous

By seeming happy to be around Gilinsky "hey jack!" I smiled back "listen I was wondering if I could have your number so we can keep in touch and hangout sometime" he told me "of course, here lemme see your phone" I smiled as he took out his phone for I could put my number in his iphone "alright well I see you?" Gilinsky went for a hug and a kiss in the cheek "see you tonight" I smirked which caused him to smirk "tonight it is" I nodded and headed my way to first

I took a seat and got ready for class until sam walked in and took a seat next to me "are you seriously going to the the party with Gilinsky?" He looked annoyed and upset "is there a problem with that?" I asked him raising my eyebrows "actually yes there is a huge one"

"Really? What's the problem" he turned to me and starred into my eyes "what are you looking at?" I asked "you already know what's the fucking problem!" Sam whispered yelled to make sure no one could hear

"What the fuck is your problem sam just stop get away from me I don't want you I hate that we met I just hate we have to see each other you're a fucking dick" I snapped at him he looked at me more upset

"I fucking hate you too, you're a piece of shit what are you even doing here go back to your shitty town whore" he snapped back

"If I could trust me I would and excuse you? Whore? Do you not know who you are? You sleep with different girls every fucking night and the next day you treat them like shit why are you even talking to me" I rolled my eyes and had weird feeling in my stomach

"You're right why am I talking to you I only wanted sex with you I'm just wasting my time on you you're not even hot" he snapped at me and walked out of class

Okay? What a fucking asshole the worst part is that im growing feelings for this bad boy I don't deserve this why did we have to meet he is so disrespectful and has no feelings at all he has a black heart and soul

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