Chapter 3

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It was now lunch and I was walking with Alyssa.

"How has your first day been so far?" she asked starting conversation

"eh well it could have been much better" I chuckled

"well what happened" she said laughing

"I mean it couldn't be that bad, come on" She added.

Just as she said that I saw wilkinson and his group of friends who all seemed like jerks.

He looked at me and I was trying to avoid all of them when suddenly I get grabbed by my wrist and pushed to a locker.

"Well hello there again" Wilkinson said grabbing my waist and kissed me in the cheek.

"Ew get of me you jerk" I screamed at him

"Call me sam baby" he said laughing

"Don't fucking call me baby I'm not your baby"

He began laughing more "You sure about that baby girl?" He leaned in to kiss my lips.

"In your dreams Wilkinson" I pushed him of the way of the way and grabbed Alyssa and started running.

Sam yelled "You will be mine watch me!"

We entered the cafeteria and Alyssa asked me a question.

"What the hell was all that about?"

"That douche, that douche is the reason why my day could have been better, he keeps ruining my day he won't leave me alone what the hell is his problem" I said yelling.

Half of the people in the cafeteria starring over to us two girls came walking over to us.

"What's going on Alyssa?" One of them asked

"Maya this is Georgia and Lexi my two other friends Georgia and Lexi this is Maya my new friend she's new here"

"Nice to meet you" they both smiled

Georgia spoke, "What was happening though I heard someone scream over here is everything okay?"

"She's the new victim guys" Alyssa said

"Shot are you fucking serious" Lexi had a face like someone just died and it scared the shit out of me.

What are they talking about new victim and why do they look so scared?

"Guys what the hell? what is happening what victim? why do you have faces like your in some kind of funeral?" I questioned.

"Look that kid sam he's no good"

"Oh okay? So what I can already tell"
I said back

"Well, he uses girls you see he hooks up with them just for sex and after that he's done with you he goes finding another chicks he's no good news, he's dangerous, he doesn't care about anything he lives the yolo life although you have to admit he's hot" Alyssa told me

I couldn't say anything I was just so scared, "Don't be scared we are here for you, just try your best to avoid him, no eye contact, no talking" Georgia smiled with concern written all over her face.

"You're kidding right? He won't stop smirking and starring at me all day long" I said

"We understand sam is the player kind who only wants sex and...well look at you, you are fucking gorgeous" Alyssa laughed

"That's true you're so pretty!" Lexi replied back at Alyssa's comment

"Well thanks" I blushed and laughed

A couple of minutes passed by when Georgia said something.

"You guys, Maya, Sam and his group of friends are literally sitting behind and sam won't stop looking over here"

"You have got to be kidding me" I said turning back I caught him starring. He blew me a kiss and gave me a wink biting his bottom lip.

I rolled my eyes and started talking to my friends again.

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