Chapter 20

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*Maya's POV*

"Maya?" Georgia laughed "sorry what?" Lyss shucked her head "we were talking about the party tonight and asked if it was good to get ready over at yours?" Lyss told me "oh yeah, yeah of course!" I smiled back at them "great so we should stop by panera to get something to eat you know?" Lexi smirked

"Obviously, a girl got to eat" we all laughed and walked over to my car "I call the passenger seat" lyss said loud enough for all of us to hear "whatever" Georgia rolled her eyes and I just laughed "alright Panera it is"

We drove to Panera and finally got there I parked the car and we walked in to eat after we ordered our food we went to a table and took a seat "So, y'all excited tonight it's one of the dopest party of the year I'm so excited!" Lexi smirked and took a sip of her green tea "she's only excited because of Jack Johnson being there" Lyss replied and I laughed

"So you have a thing for Johnson?" I was still laughing "oh be quiet you have a thing for both Wilk and Gilinsky" I raised my eyebrows "I do not!" I defended myself and looked over at Georgia who rolled her eyes "Georgia why won't you tell Gilinsky how you feel about him.." I asked Georgia quietly and Lyss and Lexi just starred shocked

"Maybe if he wasn't so in love with you I would" she rolled her eyes and looked upset "Georgia I'm sorry" I really felt horrible for this "look Maya it's cool okay? There's kinda an other guy so it's cool I guess" she shrugged her shoulders "really who!" Lexi screamed

"His name is Daniel" Georgia blushed and she looked so cute "aw georgie is blushing" I joked around and we all died of laughter

We finally finished and drove back to my place to get ready for the party which was at 10pm yeah, pretty dumb since we do have school the next morning jack was suppose to pick me up and Lyss was going with Georgia and Lexi with my car since they were at my place

(A/N : I'm so sorry for the short chapter next chapter will be long I promise💘💁)

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