Chapter 40

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I woke up with people laughing and screaming. It was Johnson and Alyssa, he had her down in the bed tickling her like crazy all she did was scream.

"Jack! No!"


"I hate you! No" she said laughing and screaming like crazy. They looked so cute together, I liked it. They were both so happy and nice

"Y'all are the cutest" I said with my morning voice.

Johnson stopped, and they turned to face me, just starring.

"Do I have something in my face?" I asked.

They shook their heads, I was confused. "Well?" I questioned them

"How did you sleep?" Johnson asked, "good?" I said. "Do you remember about last night?" He asked me looking worried. I nodded. "How could I not remember him" I swallowed hard.

"Maya?" Alyssa said, wanting my attention.

"Yeah?" I said turning up to face her

"Gilinsky is on his way" she said slowly

My eyes widen "you guys didn't tell him did you? Johnson? You promised me you wouldn't!" I started screaming, panicking.

"No!" They both said, "I didn't tell him, I'm keeping my promise, it's that he called saying what I was doing, and told him I was with you and Alyssa at my house and he sounded so happy when I said your name and told me he was in his way" he told me

"When was this?" I asked them

"About 5 minutes ago?" Lyss said guessing, trying to remember

I nodded "fuck" I got up and went to the bathroom. I looked like complete shit, my makeup was ruined from last night from crying.

I quickly got my hair and fixed it a little, I walked out. "Hey you got any comfy clothing?" I asked Johnson

He nodded and went to his drawer, he handed me some gray sweats and a burgundy t shirt, while smirking.

"Ok?" I asked confused and chuckled a bit.

I went back to the bathroom and quickly changed when I heard someone all of a sudden "Ay man" it was Jack. He's here.

"Sup bro" Johnson said back

"Maya's in the bathroom, she just got up" Lyss told him.

I finished changing and walked out, Gilinsky watching me. He walked over me and hugged me up tight. "Baby" he said quietly in my ear. I kissed him in the cheek, "you look sexy with my clothes" he said smirking at me.

"Wait, these are yours?" I asked him

He nodded, "fucking Johnson, no wonder he was smirking like crazy when he handed me them" he just laughed.

"I missed you like crazy, did you have fun yesterday with your family?" He asked, waiting for an answer. He was grabbing both of my hands with both of his, playing with them.

"Y-yeah, but let's not talk about that, I missed you" I told him playing back with his hands.

He pulled me closer to him, "guys we will be downstairs" Johnson informed both of us, we just nodded and Jack smirked at me.

I just smiled. He pulled me close to him, and carried me up. Holding me by the bottom of my ass and legs and i wrapped my arms around his neck. He started kissing my lips. He walked to the bed and carefully placed me down.

And got on top of me, his lips going towards my neck. And he suddenly stopped. And quickly got up

He looked so confused and upset, "Jack? What's wrong?"

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