Uncover (Jaemin)

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You walked down the hallway of your school, all your textbooks in your arms.  Someone bumped into you and all your books fell to the floor with a loud thud.  You looked up and saw Na Jaemin from NCT.  He flashed you an irritated look before continuing on his way.  

You brushed yourself off and picked up your books as the other girls in the hallway smiled at you sympathetically, stopping to help you.  You thanked them and hurried off to your class, trying to push what just happened out of your thoughts.

"Are you still thinking about Jaemin?" your friend Chenle asked.  "Don't worry.  You know he's just super cold to everyone.  He hates all of us equally."

You snorted at his comment while you took out your things to take notes on today's lessons.  The day passed by fairly quickly.  Before you knew it, you were standing outside the front of the school, waiting for the bus that would take you home.  The bus came to a halt right in front of you, and just before you boarded, you glanced back at the school gates and saw Jaemin walking out with his buddies, looking as icy as ever.  

His blue backpack was slung over one shoulder, and he didn't pay attention to what his group was talking about

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His blue backpack was slung over one shoulder, and he didn't pay attention to what his group was talking about.  Instead, he caught your gaze before you shuddered and found a seat on the bus.  Quickly, you tried to calm the raging blush in your cheeks that made you look like a tomato.  You hoped no one would notice.

When you finally got home, you were relieved to know your parents were still at work, meaning you had the house to yourself.  You tossed your backpack in your room and started pouring a bowlful of snacks.  The doorbell rang, and you ran to get it.  When you opened it, your mouth contorted into a smile.  Your boyfriend stood in front of you with a huge smile plastered on his face.

"Jaemin!" you squealed, pulling him into the house and melting in his arms.

"Babe, I'm really sorry about earlier.  You didn't get hurt, did you?" he asked, searching your arms and legs for bruises.  

You shook your head before playfully pecking his cheek.  "Nope!  You're acting really has improved.  But do you really think all the girls at school would bully me if they knew we were dating?  How much longer do you think they'll believe our acting?"

Jaemin nodded.  "Those same girls that were nice to you and helped you pick up your books can tear you down in an instant."

"So how are you going to make up for today?  What if I had actually gotten hurt?" you teased.

Without warning, Jaemin swept you off your feet, carrying you bridal style to the sofa in the living room.  He grabbed a blanket and pulled you close, nuzzling his head in your hair.  His arms were wrapped delicately around your waist, and you occasionally felt him press small butterfly kisses on the side of your neck.

"Does this make up for it?" he whispered lazily.

You turned to face him, melting at how cute he was.  His eyes admired yours before he placed a quick peck on your nose.  You smiled at his dorky grin, relaxing in his arms.  You could feel his heartbeat through the shoulder that rested on his chest, and it made you feel all warm and cozy inside knowing that heart was beating for you.


A/N: Thank you @kpop_lover221 for requesting this!  Ever since the "We Go Up" comeback, I've had my eyes on Jaemin, and man is he biaswrecking me like CRAZY!  

Question of the imagine: What's your favorite thing to do on a rainy day?  It's been raining a lot where I am lol.  When I'm not in class, I'm usually in my room or in a lounge with a cup of coffee writing imagines haha!  I also really like binging shows and just staying in on rainy days.  Baking too!

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