Liam and I played twenty questions, and Niall, Louis and Zayn listened to us. An occasional comment or laugh from them.

"Ehm, first kiss?" Liam asks, hurriedly.

"Like who and when?" I asked.

"And where," he replies.

"Um, crap. I believe it was Austin Saunders, in the seventh grade, um at a movie theater," I say quizzically. I can't really remember exactly how it happened, just that it did.

"Hmm, what movie?" Louis asks, amused.

"Click, with Adam Sandler," I say hesitantly.

"Ok, your turn,"

"Who's your all time bestfriend?" I say looking to the three other boys. Louis sits up and smiles, pointing to himself.

"Ugh, ehm, Jesus I don't know. Zayn?" Liam says, trying not to make eye contact with the boys. Louis looks at him surprisingly, and then puts his hand over his heart. Zayn makes a happy cry face, and then turns to laugh at Louis. Niall wasn't even paying attention, he was staring at something. I laugh at Louis as he playfully slaps Zayn.

"Ok my turn," Liam says, chuckling. "Who'd you lose your virginity to?" he says arching his brow. Shit. I have never had sex, I had never gone further than making out with a guy. I look around nervously before looking Harry straight in the eye. He smirks, and I roll my eyes, giving my attention to Liam.

"I haven't," I state, I can feel the heat in my cheeks, as I look down to my feet. The boys go silent.

"Oh, well then. You're turn" he says, taking the attention off of me.

"Mmm, favorite parent?" I say. He smirks before looking a his watch.

"That's easy, my mum," he says. I laugh, and turn back to Harry, who had his back to me now. Still talking to Courtney, then he leans in to kiss her. I watch horrifically, as I try not to get pissed. But it doesn't work. I turn back to Liam, and I can feel my cheeks turning red, and a scowl planted on my face.

"What's wrong?" he asks. I quickly shake the scowl from my face, and give a small smile.

"Oh, nothing. Where's your bathroom?" I ask him, standing from my previous seat on the floor. He stands up, and leads me to the bathroom, which is up the stairs.

"I figured you'd have better luck up here, the one down stairs is usually crowded," he says, barely audible over the music.

"Thanks!" I say to Liam as he walks back to the party.

I open the door to the bathroom, and lock the door. I sit on the toilet seat, and pull out my phone. I have a few text messages.

' From unknown: what did you say to Courtney? -H '

' From unknown: why do you keep staring at me? It's weird -H '

' From unknown: are you screwing Liam too? Also you can reply anytime soon -H '

I can feel the bile rise in my throat, as I respond. My fingers angrily type the message.

' To unknown: Ok. First off, I wasn't staring at you, and it's not your business about what I do, and don't. I want you to delete my number, until you can stop being such a jerk, or until I give it to you formally. There's your reply you ass -E '

I decided to keep the conversation Courtney and I had from him. I was hurt from his texts, and I was also hurt, that I had foolishly liked him, knowing he was a jerk. I mean honestly, why did he care if I was having sex with his friends? Or how he got my number? Why did he care what I said to Courtney, a couple days ago, he told me they weren't a thing. So many questions, yet no answers. I had officially been stressed by the rude boy. Not to mention, I only had a few actual conversations with him. I barely knew anything about Harry. I was not falling for him any longer. The thing I thought I felt for Harry, had vanished.

I got up from the toilet seat, and splashed my face with water from the sink. I looked at my appearance one last time before unlocking the door, and walking out of the bathroom. I shut the door behind me, and walked back down the stairs, almost bumping into someone.

"Sorry," I said before looking at them. "Aleah?"

"Oh hey, Emma. What are you doing here?" she asks. She is holding onto someone's hand, a boys. He had red hair, and blue-green eyes.

"Louis brought me," I say staring at the boy.

"Oh, this is Ed, my boyfriend," she starts. He holds his hand out, and I gradually take it in mine. "This is my roommate, Emma,"

"Nice to meet you," I say smiling. "I'll see you Monday?" I ask Aleah. She shakes her head in agreement, before I continue to walk down the stairs.


I checked my phone, it was almost twelve. I looked down at my red cup, and took a sip. I lost count of how many cups I had filled after four. My eyes begged to be shut, so I could drift into a sleep, where I could forget about everything going on. I look up to a large figure, towering over me.

"Emma?" they said. I groaned in response, not able to speak, or move.

"Do you want me to take you to your dorm?" they ask worriedly. But then my eyes closed completely, not able to reopen. I mumbled in my dreary state, and felt strong arms wrap around me, picking me up from the couch. They took me up the stairs of the frat house, then into a room. They carefully lay me down onto a bed, and take my shoes off, then my glasses, and peeled the covers back.

"Thank you," I whispered faintly, as I fell into a deep sleep.

Again for the hundredth time in a row, I dreamt of Harry. How his breath always smelled like mint, how his piercing emerald eyes looked, how his hair was swept off his face, how he had small dimples form when he smiled. But most of all, about how he would never feel the way I did about him. And now, I knew how I felt about him. Because I couldn't deny any longer that I, like Harry.


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