"Harry! Get away from those!" I scold as Harry starts to play with a box of tampons. He is so frustrating. He grins, and his dimples pop. He is so gorgeous. He puts the box down, and my cheeks flush as an old lady walks past us smiling. I smile weakly at her. We are currently at the dollar store, picking up toilet paper.

"C'mon babe. We all know you have a period." I push my face in my hands, laughing. 

"Shhhhh!!" I hiss. I am smiling so big that my lips begin to hurt. He laughs at me.

"Periods, periods Emma has a period!" He sing-songs. My face is a deep shade of red, as I turn and walk away from him. I can hear him walking after me. He is so childish, but it's cute. He catches up to me, and laces his fingers through my free hand. I smile up at him. 

We wait in line to be checked out. We finally reach the front of the line and Harry insists that he pay for it. Something about "It's his frat, so he's responsible" blah blah blah.

"Emma, they're having a party tonight," Harry breathes as he starts his car. He looks over at me like he's asking for my permission. I shrug. 

"And?" I ask casually. 

"Well every time we go, we always get into a fight..." he says quietly. I just stare out the window.

"Why can't we just hangout in your room?" I speak up. 

"Sure babe," He says. 

We listen to the radio for a few minutes. I have been waiting to ask Harry a certain question. I reach my hand to turn the radio down.

"Harry..." I pause. "Where do you work?" I ask with curiosity clear in my voice. He doesn't answer for a few moments. 

"Me and the boys all work for a radio station," he speaks shyly. 

"WHAT!" I say a little louder. He shrinks down. "You work for a radio station, and you didn't tell me what it was?!" I ask. I want to hear Harry when he's working. He stays silent. "What is it?" I ask.

"102.9" he states. I smile, and quickly turn to the station. I hear Louis' voice and I gasp.

"OH MY GOSH! LOUIS IS ON THE RADIO!" I shriek. Harry swerves onto the other lane, and quickly gets the car under control. I start laughing uncontrollably. I search for my phone, and my hands fidget it once I get it into my hands. My fingers tap on the keypad, until I manage to dial Lou's number. 

I can hear his phone ringing in the background. 

"Oh. My friend Emma's calling me. I'll put her on speaker." he says on the station. I hear Zayn's laugh.

"Hello?" I hear from two devices. 

"LOUIS. ZAYN." I squeal. They chuckle. "WHY DIDN'T YOU TELL ME YOU WERE ON A RADIO STATION?!" I can hear my voice on the radio. I laugh lightly. 

"Sorry, Em," Louis laughs. 

"You better be sorry! I could've been listening to you all this time! But nobody told me! Whenever I see you guys again, I'm going to beat you up!" I laugh. 

"Sure, Emma." Zayn says sarcastically. 

"Okay, love you guys! Have fun being on a radio station and all! Bye!" I say.

"We love you too," Louis tells me. I hang up, and listen to the boys burst into laughter.

"Our friend Emma, everybody!" Zayn says. I smile.

"If she made you laugh, go to our website, and become a subscriber! Maybe we can get her in the booth sometime." Louis says sweetly. "Emma, we know you're listening. So you better get ready to be as awesome as us!" 

"Awww! Louis, now that she's a listener, we can't talk about her!" Zayn says. I laugh.

I turn the radio off when we pull up to the house. Harry grabs our overnight bag, and locks the car. I follow him up to the steps. I look at my phone. It's only five, so the house should be filling up soon. I mentally groan. We step inside, and I hear Niall yelling. He's playing video games, so I tug Harry up the stairs. 

"Niall!" Harry calls through the house. 

"Harry!" he calls back. I catch my laughter. He turns back, and stomps up to his room. I am left on the third step in confusion. What did I do? Not even an hour ago Harry was being his playful, cute self. I walk into the living room, to see Niall leaning on his elbow. He is still yelling at the tv. He's playing Black Ops. I sigh, and plop down on the couch beside him.

"Hey....Emma." His tongue sticks out the corner of his mouth in concentration.

"Hey. Can I play?" I ask, pulling my phone out checking the time. It's fifteen after five. He quickly throws me a remote, and I press the on button, which puts my player in the game. The screen is split into two parts.

"So, do we have the same enemy? Or am I killing you?" I smirk.

"Working together." 

We play for what seems like a few minutes. But when I check my phone, we had been playing for an hour. We are always nudging each others arms to mess up. I hear the front door open, and I hear two sets of feet. 

"Party is about to start guys," That's Zayn. 

"Liam!" Niall yells through the house. 

"Harry!" I follow suit. Liam and Harry come down the stairs and gather in the living room. 

"What's up?" Liam asks, sitting on top of my legs. I was very comfortable in my position, legs sprawled out on the couch. I pushed Niall in the floor one accident, and after laughing like kids, he never got up. 

"Trying to play an intense game right now, Liam," I say without taking my eyes off the screen. Just then, Harry walks over to the tv, and unplugs the xbox. I scream, and Niall stands to his feet, and throws his remote at Harry.

"Harry!" I yell. I am standing now, pretending to pout. He smirks at me. I push his shoulders, gently. He laughs.

"Emma!" Louis runs up to me, and hugs me. It's an extremely long hug. Louis and I haven't been on speaking terms lately. It's sad, and I miss him, but my time is consumed by Harry. And Harry isn't very happy with Louis. I can feel Harry's eyes on me, when Louis finally let's me go. 

"What's the plan, boys?" I ask, and slouch down, sitting on the sofa, and propping my feet up. 

"Well, we don't have a plan babe. We're going upstairs. Remember?" Harry speaks. I just nod my head. Can I not stay down here for just a little while? I havent't spent time with the boys in so long. I frown, and stand. I trudge all the way up the stairs. I reach Harry's room, and throw myself onto the bed. 

"Babe, what's wrong?" Harry, steps into the room. I turn to lay on my back. 

"Can we please stay downstairs for a little bit?" He gives me a puzzled look.

"You were the one who suggested to stay up here..." he says slowly.

"I know! But I haven't hung out with the boys in a while. Plus, they miss you.." I looks down, and play with my hands. 

"Alright. But you aren't to go out of my sight." He leans down, and places his thumb under my chin, lifting my face to kiss him. 

Well, nine drinks and two hours later, Harry is nowhere to be found. 

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