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I stepped out of the car, and pulled my shoulder bag over my head. I had arrived at the airport, with my mother who was in tears. I was going to South Carolina to start a new chapter, or you could call it college.

My mother had already purchased my plane ticket, she was getting out of the car while I was standing at the trunk awaiting her to unlock it. I was nervous, like I'm about to throw up nervous. My hands were shaking as I reached for the handle.


"Yes mother"

"Are you sure you're ready for this?" She says as she helps retrieve my bags from the car.

"I'm sure" I say, giving her a half smile.

"Did you get your camera?" I lean down to rummage through my bag, so that I could pull out my camera and show her. I lift the camera up, and shake it. She smiles as I tuck it away.

"Okay, well let's go inside and get you adjusted" she says as she starts walking towards the front door of the Arizona Airport. We had all my bags in hand and were struggling with the door. I laughed as my mother fidgeted with the tall glass door.

"Stop laughing, Emma! You could help you know" she says. Soon after she gets the door open, and picks back up the bags she put down. I held the door for her and smiled as she walked passed me.

We spot the nearest desk, and the petite girl behind it smiles politely at us.

"Hello, how may I help you?" She says. Her name tag says Judy.

"Flight 213 to South Carolina" I say as I hand her my ticket. I've practiced saying that for the past two days, but I pictured a man behind the desk.

"Yes, that flight boards in five minutes" she takes my ticket from my hand, and motions us to the luggage cart thing. My mother smiles at her and we walk over to a guy in a white long sleeve shirt. Judy hand the man my ticket.

"Hello Miss" the man says while reaching for my bags. He was an older man, with silver in his hair, and wrinkles by his eyes. I hand over my bags, and he puts them on a belt. He directs me over to another man with a metal detector, whereas he hands off my ticket yet again. I stick my arms out, and spread my feet apart, and the man starts to wave the wand around me. When it starts beeping, I freaked out until I remembered my belly button ring. "Belly button ring?" The man says. I shake my head, and he sticks his eyebrow up. My hands fly to the hem of my shirt and I lift it ever so slightly to my belly button. He nods and continues to wave the wand. When he is finished he hands the ticket back to me.

When all of that is over I turn to my mom and wrap my arms around her neck.

"Call me everyday?"

"I promise mom, I love you" I say as I twist my pinkie around hers.

"I love you too sweetie" she says as she squeezes me tighter.

"Flight 213 is now boarding" the loudspeaker comes on and I jump. I release my mom, and grab my carry on bag. I wave goodbye and walk to the lady holding a sign with '213' on it. I show her my ticket, and she lets me on the plane. I find my seat quickly, and I sit with my bag on my lap. I fasten my seat belt.

About fifteen minutes later, we are taking off. All the instructions about electronics, and seat belts are given, so I lean back and sleep.



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