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Harry walks into the kitchen, and grabs a few things. I turn my attention to the way his brows furrow together, when he was doing something, or thinking. I lightly smile, and go to the front door. He walks towards me and reaches for the door, but I pull my phone out of my pocket and the note he left me fell out with it. I blush as he looks down to it. He smirks, and picks it up for me. Opening it, and reading it. He arches his brow as he meets my gaze.

"Why did you keep it?" he asks quietly.

"Memories," I stated, looking at his hands. I notice how he has a small cross tattoo on his thumb. He folds the paper up, and hands it back to me. I smile, and he opens the door, holding it for me. I grin up at him, and wait for him to lock the door.

"Harry? Why is it, that you told me to lock your door?" I ask, getting into the passenger seat of his car. He starts the engine, and pulls on to the road before replying.

"Because I didn't want anyone to get the wrong idea, you know of being in my room at one in the evening," he states, eyebrows still knitted together.

"What wrong idea?" I am pressuring him with questions, I know. But I had so many for him.

"That we were together, or something. But we're not," I felt like I was just punched in the stomach. I nodded my head, and looked out the window.

He turns into the dorm building parking lot, and I push myself out of the car. I hurriedly turn around before flashing him a small smile, and shut his door. He waves me off, and I get one last glimpse of him, before I open the doors.

Why am I so stupid? I shouldn't have asked so many questions. I walk down the hallways, before reaching my dorm, and pushing the key in the lock. I lay down on the couch, turning the tv on. About five minutes later, my phone starts to ring. I get up, and go to my bed, answering it as I plop onto it.

"Hello?" I say.

"Emma? Wanna hangout?" a deep raspy voice asks. Harry? Why did he want to hangout with me?

"But didn't you just leave?" I ask, biting my lip.

"No, I'm still in the parking lot.." it got quiet on the line. I hear shuffling on the other side of the phone. "Um, never mind. I'll see you around,"

"Harry, wait," I say quietly. I can hear his breathing through the phone, steady, and hard.


"Come inside, we can make hot chocolate, and watch movies or something?" I say, trying to hide my excitement. There was a long pause, before I heard his car door shut.

"Ok," he says and hangs up. I quickly run to the bathroom to brush my teeth, and put my hair in a braid. I await for him to knock on the door, but ten minutes later, he still hasn't arrived. I begin to worry, until I get a text.

' From Harry: I'm so sorry, I met Courtney in the hallway. And she dragged me into her dorm. '

"Dammit!" I say loudly. I throw my phone to the ground. I knew I shouldn't have believed him when he said they were 'just hanging out'. I really am stupid for falling for him again, this time twice as hard. I feel a warm salty tear fall from my eye, I wipe it away, and mentally curse myself for letting him get the best of me. I look around the room, and realize I left my bag in Louis car. Shit. I call Louis, and yet again I get no answer. I call Niall as well.

"Niall?" I say when his phone stops ringing.

"Em, what's up?"

"I left my bag in Louis' car, and he won't answer me,"

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