Harry's POV

I sat inside her house, waiting for Louis to get his keys. I try exceedingly hard not to make eye contact with her. I would lose it if I saw those big brown eyes, and that long golden hair.

Before I realize it, I'm staring at her, and she is looking right back at me. I don't know how to feel about this, in fact I cant feel about this. I have no feel towards her, towards Liz. She stands to her feet and snakes her way beside me, sitting very close to me on her couch. I quickly scoot, until there's about six inches of space between us. She frowns, and furrows her brows.

"Harry...," she speaks softly. That fucking voice I used to love so much. I turn to glare at her. My lips part slightly, as they always do.

"What, Liz?" I say sharply.

"I miss you," she says, her voice shaking. I abruptly stand to my feet, and pace back and forth. I tug at my hair, and bite my lip.

"No! You don't get to do this! Especially not to me!" She looks up at me, as I stop pacing and lean down to met her eyes. "You broke up with me, and now you're screwing around from guy to guy. So no, you don't miss me. You miss the idea of a guy who treated you the way you should be treated. But you threw it all away, for what? I don't know, you never gave me an explanation, I've moved on. You don't exist to me anymore," I half yell. I storm out of her apartment, and walk to my car.

I see someone leaning on my car, and and another approach them. Emma, was speaking to...Aaron. What the fuck? He puts his arm around her waist. I speed up, into a steady jog. Emma tries to hit him, but he harshly grabs her wrists, and yanks her towards him. I start running, digging my feet into the ground, fast and hard. As soon as I get five feet from her, Aaron is slumped on the ground, holding his groin.

"Pig!" Emma shrieks, she is holding her wrists, and pulling on the car door handle.

"What the hell is going on here?!" I yell, making my way over to her.

Her eyes go wide as she looks to me, then to Aaron.

"Harry! I-uh... You left me in the car, and I didn't know where you went..." she was stammering, and frantic.

"Shh, babe. It's fine," I say brushing my fingertips over her arm. "Why were you talking to him,".

"He just walked up to me," she began. Aaron stands up, with his eyes on her, but then looks at me. A scowl takes over his features.

"Harry," he states.

"Aaron," I spit back. He looks at Emma, and winks. I step towards him, slightly in front of her. He takes a step towards me, and narrows his eyes.

"Don't ever come near her again, you bastard," I say quietly but powerfully. He snickers, before turning around and walking away. I relax, my shoulders slump, and I turn on my heel.

"Are you alright, love?" I ask, using my thumb to rub her cheek. She looks down, and nods slowly.

I wrap my arm around her, and pull her in a half hug. I then link her hand with mine, and lead her towards the apartment I was just in.

I twist the knob of the door, and walk in, Emma following closely. I let go of her hand, and walk down the hall to find Louis.

Emma's POV

Harry led me into the unknown apartment, and let go off my hand. A tingling feeling lingering where his hand once was. I looked around the room, it had a couch, and a tv. I'm assuming its the living room. I watch Harry walk down the hallway to my left, and then disappear into a room. I stay in my place in front of the door. I pull out my phone. I have a few texts.

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