"We have something to tell you..." Louis pauses. I place my hand over Harry's, and squeeze. I hope he doesn't get too mad. I mean, I know he'll be angry, who wouldn't? "You see, Harry, you and Liz were together, for what? Almost two years, right?" Louis asks. Harry slowly nods his head. I could feel his muscles tightening, and I could see his jaw clench out of the corner of my eye. "Right, and before you and Liz got together, we had..sort of...a thing going on between us," Louis says quietly.

"What kind of thing?" Harry asks coldly. I look over at him, and put my arm around his torso, leaning into him. Harry glares at Louis, and then Liz.

"We hooked up a lot. But this was before you even had feelings for her! And once you guys were together, we ended it, the thing. But my feelings for her grew so much stronger, and my need for her touch grew. I liked her so much, but then you and her spent so much time together, and I just, got shut out," Louis says, his voice softening. I look up into his eyes, and Louis glances at me, before focusing on Liz. "Then one day she called me, crying because she was scared of your relationship getting to serious, and going to far an-"

"When the fuck did she say that?" Harry interrupted. I look at Harry, shifting my head up, he looks down at me.

"A year into it, maybe a little after," Liz chimes in. She bites her lip.

"Why the fuck would you do that to me?" Harry says, his voice sounded hurt. I squeezed him tighter.

"Mate, do you remember when you wanted to propose to her? But then she confessed she was cheating?" Louis cuts in. I close my eyes, hoping it would all just stop.

"Of fucking course I remember, how could I not? My heart was ripped out of my chest, and stepped on by a thousand fucking people!" Harry's voice shakes.

"Harry, it was me," Louis says quietly, looking at me for a brief second, before looking down at his plate, that came around five minutes ago. Harry stops breathing, his face turns white, and he clenches his fists.

"How long?" Harry says coldly.

"It went on for five months," Liz says. She is full on crying.

Harry slams his fist into the table.

"NO!" he booms. He stands from the booth, and paces. Everyone stares, but he doesn't seem to notice. He stops pacing, and places his hand at each end of the table, bending down, hanging his head, while shaking it. "No, no, no. No!" Harry pushes his face up, to look at them. His eyes were puffy, and red, tears streaming down his cheeks. "How could you do this to me?" Harry whispers. I look up at him, and he looks to me. He stares for a few seconds.

"You knew?" he cries. I slowly look down at me lap, and feel the tears sting my eyes. "You didn't tell me?" he asks me. I look up at him before standing. Dragging him outside, and pulling him on the bench that sits on the sidewalk. I sit first, and pull him down beside me.

"Harry, look at me," I say soothingly. He looks at me, and tears brim his eyes, stains on his cheeks, and his eyes glossed over. Tears run down my face, as I look at him. My heart is breaking for this boy in front of me. "I'm so sorry, I knew for about three days. Louis told me when we were at her house. He asked me not to tell him, and I made him promise he would, only after you had moved on. I didn't think you should have heard it from me, it would have killed me to have to tell you. I'm so sorry they didn't tell you. But look, I will stay with you, and be by your side, until you get over this, alright?" I say, crying. i can't stop, he is so sad, so heart broken. I just need to be there for him. He shakes his head, before wrapping his arm around my shoulders, pulling me into him.

"Please, don't cry. Please. Emma, I need to get out of here," he states. I look around, before spotting Harry's car.

"Harry, we are in no condition to drive!" I laugh, and sniffle. He smiles at me, before kissing the top of my head.

"I need to tell you something," he began. 

Before I could react, his lips were on mine. My lips were on fire, his causing the feeling. I smiled into the kiss, making him smile. He pulls away, and looks down at me, I look at him, with tears still running down my cheeks. I laugh, and wipe under his eyes.

"We're such a mess!" I giggle. He chuckles, and stands to his feet.

"A hot mess, though," he says winking. He reaches his hand out to me, and I take it. He pulls me up, and we walk to his car.

Right after we open our doors, the restaurant doors swing open, and Louis runs out, his eyes were puffy, and pink.

"Harry, wait!" He runs to Harry, and grabs his car door. "I'm so sorry! I never wanted to hurt you! It was the worst mistake I've ever made! You're my brother, and I'm never going to forgive myself, for cause you this much pain!" Louis says, running out of breath. Liz walks up behind Louis, and hugs Harry. I rush around the car, and grab his arm, pulling him away from her.

"Harry!" she cries. "I still love you!" she screams. I gasp, and turn around, letting go of his arm.

I will lose Harry to her. Harry will never love me, or even like me as much as he does her. I put my face in my hands, and sob. I sob quietly, so they will not hear. I turn around, and let go off my face, they are all staring at me. Harry reaches for my hand, and I jerk away, turning on my heel, and running. Running as fast as my feet will take me, my chest already burns, my veins pumping with adrenaline. Tears still streaming down my face, as I reach up, and scrub them away, only to be greeted with fresh new ones.

"Emma!" Louis yells. I didn't stop, I didn't slow down, I just went faster.

"Emma, slow down! Stop!" Harry screams, his voice faint. I get onto the sidewalk, and keep running. I can hear a car engine start, and I dig my feet into the pavement, finally finding a dumpster, and hiding behind it. I crouch down, my back on the dumpster, I face a brick building, only the small street light, across the street. I hear Harry, yelling my name. Begging me to stop running. I can't breathe, my lungs sting, as I gasp for air.  I see headlights, and the yelling gets louder.

"Emma, Please!!!" Harry's voice yells. Just then the car stops in the middle of the road, and the door opens. Shit. I stand to my feet , and meet Harry half way. He looks me up ad down, before grabbing my shoulders.

"Babe, are you hurt? Are you ok?" he asks worriedly. I just shake my head no, and he pulls me in for a hug. "What happened?" he whispers in my ear. I pull away from him, and shake my head. He looks at me, and raises his eyebrows. "Stop lying to me, Emma," he says sternly.

"It's stupid," I begin.

"If it upset you, ten it isn't stupid. Now tell me," he says. I take a breath, before looking at his car. He glances at the running car, and turns around, to go open my door. i slip into the passenger seat, as he closes the door. He gets in, and looks at me. "I'm listening," he says sarcastically.

"Ok, when Liz said she loved you, I thought you would go back to her, and I don't want that to happen, because for one she's a little bitch, and for two..." I stop. He looks at me his brows arched. "Because I have feelings for you, and I want to be around you, to be near you every second of everyday. And I can't because you don't feel the same, you love Liz, and you and I will never work, because you're hurt, and scared of getting hurt again. But that's not fair to me, because you won't give us a chance, and Harry, I just can't stop thinking about you," I take a breath, sinking in my seat. He looks at me before smiling. "What?"

"Oh, nothing. Just that, that's what I've wanted to hear since I met you, because I feel the exact same way about you," he says. My stomach gets butterflies, and my heart flutter. I grin like an idiot, and sit up, leaning over the middle console, to kiss him lightly on the cheek. "That letter you found, did you happen to read the second half of it?" Harry asks, in a weird tone, his lips still curled into a smile.



I want to give a HUUUUUGE SHOUTOUT TO - @ Whyihavethefeels , and her book "Perfect on The Surface" !!! It's great, and she is so nice, and sweet! She helped me pick the actress for Emma!

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