It had been over a month.

Over a month since I had seen him.

Over a month since I've spoke to him. 

This whole time, he was the only thing on my mind, every minute, or everyday.

I was completely crushed, that he didn't chase after me, and that he hadn't made an effort to contact me. 

I sit up in my bed, and fling the blankets off of me, padding towards the bathroom. I brush my teeth, and take my pony tail down. I look closely at myself. My once brown hair, was now golden locks, a tad shorter than before. My green eyes, darker than usual. My had changed completely, and I could only thank Harry. And myself. I looked tired all the time, and my view on things, turned from good to bad. 

I was torn apart, my heart in shatters on the floor. I haven't talked to Louis in two and a half months, ever since he and Harry fought over Liz. 

I still haven't realized that Harry, and Liz are back together.

As of three weeks ago to be exact. I remember getting a text from Niall, saying to call him. 


"What's up?" 

"I need to tell you something," he says quietly, and sadly.

"What?" I ask, preparing for the worst.

"Liz, and Harry," he starts. 

"Yeah, the slept together, so what?" I say with an angered tone.

"No, no. Not that," 

"Then what!" I say loudly. 

"They're back together Emma," I paused. Everything broke, stopped working. I couldn't feel anything, nothing. I didn't have Harry anymore. 

I couldn't sleep for five days. A few cat naps, but that was it. I can't believe how he turned on me. I really liked him. 

Really, really liked him. I should've known it owuldn't have worked out. Why would he choose me over Liz? She is gorgeous, and has a nice body, but she cheated on him. I would never do that to Harry. 

Liz was just, better than me. What other explanation do I have? He picked her over me. 

Liz charmed him into this, and it wasn't fair. Liz was a sick excuse for a girl. 

"Emma, you awake?" I hear Aleah call from outside the bathroom. 

I snap out of my deep trance, and realize I've been sitting in the bathtub, while the shower was on. I quickly turned the water off, and grabbed my towel. I opened the door, to see Aleah, and Niall.

"Shit, sorry!" I apologized. Niall just looks away from me, and I run over to my dresser, grabbing a handful of clothes. I had my towel wrapped tightly around my body, but Niall shouldn't see that. "Sorry," I say once again, before slipping back in the bathroom. I get dressed, and reopen the door. 

"Niall, hey!" I say trying to sound happy. He gives me a small small, and pulls me in for a hug. 

My hair was in a towel, and I wrapped it up. 

"Why don't we get something to eat?" Aleah says quickly. I nod my head, going back to the bathroom once again. 

I blow dry my hair, and comb through it. I step out of the bathroom. Niall's eyes go wide as he looks to me.

"Emma! Your hair!" he says, shocked. I laugh, and he walks over to me, examining my hair. "Is this real?" Niall questions. I laugh even harder.

"Yes, Niall," Aleah states, sounding annoyed. We leave the dorms, and arrive at IHOP. I groan at the memories I had with Harry here. 

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