Me and Louis sat in the car, because my mom called.


"Emma! Hey cupcake! How's everything going?" she asked me in a happy tone.

"Great, mom. Everything's great. I'm actually about to eat IHOP"

"By yourself?" she sounds confused.

"No mom, with a friend" Louis' eyebrow raises when he heard me say 'friend'.

"HEY MRS. EMMA'S MUM" Louis screams, causing me to jump. My mom laughs, and so do I.

"Emma, who was that?"

"That's Louis, he's my best friend" I say through laughs.

"Where's he from? He sounds British"

"He is. Ok I gotta go! Love you, Bye!" I hang up the phone, and look over to Louis who is messing with his keys.

"Let's go, cupcake!" he smirks, imitating my mother. I cringe, and he laughs hysterically. I open the door, and hop out of the car. Louis comes over beside me, and links my arm through his, and he starts skipping. I laugh, and skip with him.

He pulls the door open for me, and I walk around him.

"Table for two?" a hostess asks us.

"No we have a lad waiting, there he is!" Louis says pointing at Harry, who spotted us and put his phone down. The hostess walks us to our table and hands us menus.

I sit beside of Louis, who sits across from Harry. I flip my menu open, and start looking, even though I already know what I want. I take a peek at Harry who is looking down at his phone.

"So, how's your classes going?" Louis asks me.

"To be honest, I don't really know," I reply looking into Louis' eyes. They were a pretty blue-green color.

"Of course you don't" he says grinning.

"What's that supposed to mean?" I say, raising my eyebrow at him.

A waitress interrupts our conversation. She had deep brown eyes, and black hair. She gawked at both Harry, and Louis. Which infuriated me. I smiled politely at her, while my eyes were sending her to hell. I turn to Harry, who was ordering. When he finished he winked at her. He fucking winked at her. I glare at the waitress again, before knocking my drink off the table, and onto her pants. Louis couldn't control his laughter, and Harry smiled.

"What the hell!" she shrieks.

"Maybe next time, you should do your job, and not stare at boys who are out of your league" I say in a matter of fact tone. She throws her pen down, and stomps off. I smirk, and remembered that Harry and Louis were sitting next to me.

"Damn, where did that come from?" Louis asks, with a smile plastered on his face. I can feel the heat in my cheeks as I look down. Harry starts laughing again, but I don't look at him.

"We're out of her league, huh? what about your league?" Harry says harshly. I can feel the steam coming out of my ears, and I stand to my feet. I walk out of IHOP and start towards the road. I mentally curse at myself. But I couldn't help it. That stupid waitress pissed me off, and I just.. Ugh! What have I done? I continue to walk, until I hear my name being called.

"Emma!" I turn to see, Travis in his car.

"Hey!" I exclaimed.

"Why are you walking?"

"Long story," I say as I looked around. No sight of Harry, or Lou.

"Need a ride?" he says patting his door.

"Um, yeah sure," I replied, walking around his car to get in the passenger seat. His car smells like cinnamon.

"Where to?" he asks, pulling back onto the road.

"The university, please," I lean my head up against the window.

"So where's your boyfriend?"

"I don't have one" I said looking over at him.

"Wait, did you just breakup? Is that why you were walking?" he asked in the nicest way possible.

"No, no. I didn't have one to begin with," I lightly chuckled.

"Then who was the guy at the bowling alley?"

"That was Harry... we're not even close to being together"

"Then why wouldn't he let me have your number?" he asks, turning into the lot at the dorms.

"I really don't know," he pulled up to the front entrance. "Thanks, for the ride," I say stepping out of the car.

"No problem,"

"Do I owe you anything?" I ask reaching for my wallet. But he held his hand up to stop me.

"No! If I can take you on a date, we'll call it even," he smirked. I just shook my head in agreement. I gave him my phone number, and walked away.

I checked my phone, and it was nine twenty. I was already late. Ugh.

I push the door open to my Maths class, and everyone stares at me.

"Ahh, Miss. Landon. Good to see you showed up," my teacher hisses.

"Won't let it happen again, sorry," I say as I slipped into my seat. This was going to be a long day.


Poor Emma, she can't get a break. :(

Harry seems a little bipolar, huh? ;)

Also. I just read my story, and four some reason, chapter four isn't showing up :(:(:( it's pretty important too :/:/

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