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I can't move. I look down at my lap, and Harry's eyes stay on me. He lifts his hand up to my cheek, and stays like that for a few seconds. He pushes my chin up, and leans in. The kiss is so passionate. More than it ever has before. Suddenly he releases, and squints his eyes shut, turning his head. He bites his lip and pushes his eyes to meet mine. He breathes, and stands up. Both his hands extend to my shoulders. He squeezes, and slowly moves his hands up to the sides of my neck, and rubs his thumb over my jaw, before pulling me into him. He has his hand on the back of my neck, and the other on my back. I fling my arms around his waist. I sob loudly, and I am trembling all over. I choke on air, and bite his shirt.
"Emma, please don't make this hard on me. Harder than it has to be." I shut my eyes and release him. He quickly turns on his heal and leaves the room. I am left in this asylum of a room by myself. I feel myself slipping into insanity. His words repeating in my mind. The room starts spinning, and I slip to the ground. My right hand flies to my chest, and I start hyperventilating, trying to breathe, but not being able to. I close my eyes, and relax. But then the pain in my chest returns, because once I open my eyes, Harry is standing before me, with his black wings, and teeth sharpened to a point. I scream at the top of my lungs and I hug my knees to my chest, closing my eyes. I look up, and Harry is once again gone. The door swings open, and a middle aged man in a lab coat appears. He looks down at me, eyes filled with worry.
"Oh god. Ms. Landon!" He speaks. I rock back and forth, and he quickly gets level with me, grabbing my elbow, and pulling me off the ground. He calls for a nurse.
He puts me back in the hospital bed, and sticks an IV in me. Which I assume is something to calm me down, because shortly after, my eyes become extremely heavy.

Harry's POV
I quickly walk out of her room, and walk down the hall. The waiting room on this floor is filled with Emma's friends, and mine. I turn to the elevators and press the up button. I shove my hands in my pockets and wait on the elevator. The doors open, and a quiet ding is heard. I step on the elevator, and press the roof button. I need some air, and some space to think. When The doors open, I walk up a flight of stairs and open a door. The air enters my lungs, and I feel... Good. Well no, not good. Obviously. I just walked away from the best thing that has ever happened to me. No, I am not right for her. She deserves so much better than me. Emma is the greatest girl on this whole world, better than Liz, and all the girls I've ever messed around with. Emma has so much passion, and such a big heart. But we always argue, and it's not worth even trying anymore.
No! What am I thinking? I need her! I love her!
"I love you!" I scream. I sit on the ground and pull out my phone. Then, I realize I also have Emma's. I take hers out of my pocket as well. I've seen her lock screen wallpaper about one million times, but this time... this time it's different. I take in every single detail in every single pixel of the photo. It was when we went to a dinner, and we had someone take a picture. We posed, and everything! We were outside, next to the house. I was leaning against it, looking down, hands in my pockets. She was standing to my left, looking at me, smiling, her hair was down, and her eyes were happy. She is so gorgeous. We both were wearing black. My friends were having a dinner at some fancy as shit restaurant. I unlock her phone and go to her other images. All of a sudden, I can't see. My vision blurred by tears. My breathing gets heavy, and I can't hold it in anymore. I stand and pace. My hands fly to my hair, and I jerk it off my face (I've been at the hospital for over 24 hrs. I did not have any hair styling substances). I look up, and pull my lip between my teeth. Emma. Emma, please. I sob, and tears stream down my face. I keep pacing, getting closer to the edge of the building each time. I stop, about a foot away from the edge, and peek over the corner. I see life, everywhere. In the streets, cars, sidewalks, buildings, plants, the light cascading down from the sunset. I sit down, and hang my feet over the edge. I lay back, and cross my hands under my head. I watch the sky, until it's completely dark. The time somehow slipped through my fingers, and I forget why I am even out here.
Emma is probably still upset, so I should go check on her. -

Emma's POV
The dreams don't end while I'm on the drugs that make me calm. The dream of Harry going back to Liz, him plunging knives through hisself, none of it ends. Like my brain is on repeat. I'm hallucinating, I know.

Harry's POV (again)

I push through the crowded waiting room, to find someone.

"There he is," someone claims. I turn to the voice to find Aleah. Her arms are folded, and a scowl planted firmly on her face. I rub the back of my neck.
"Harry" I hear from behind me. I turn and find her. The one person that shouldn't even be here. Liz. "You alright? You look like you've seen a ghost." She proclaims.
"Liz, what are you doing here?" I ask sternly. She looks around, her cheeks a light shade of pink. She's embarrassed.
"I just wanted to see how you were holding up." She stutters.
"I'm not the one with the hospital bracelet, am I?"
"You're so hard headed, Harry" she rolls her eyes. I give her a mean glare. "I want you to leave." I spit. She swallows hard, and looks to her left. Someone stands up and comes to my side.
"Harry, let's go for a walk. Come on" Niall speaks. I put my hands to my hair, and slightly tug. I follow him out the revolving doors of the hospital.
"Lad. She was just being nice," he says to me.
"No, she was getting under my skin, pressing my buttons. Trying to control me, Niall. You just don't understand."
"I do though."
"No. She shouldn't be here, she only wants me to break up with Emma." I push my hair back.
"How do you know that? Harry you think that the whole world revolves around you. But not everything is about you. Don't you get it? She's here because you're hurting. And everyone can see it. No matter what happened between you and Liz, is in the past. You both are still human, and you still show sympathy for one another. You are making this all about you. But Emma is in there, and she needs you." He says. I look everywhere but his eyes. I know he's right, but I need time on this. Emma is probably beyond hurt since our conversation earlier.
"Okay man."
He pushes past me, and heads back to the Hospital. I stay where I am and breathe in the fresh air. I turn back and walk to the hospital. I open the front door, and walk into the waiting room.
"I have something to say," I start. All eyes are on me. "Emma and I have broken up." I hear some gasps, and a few scoffs. "So, before I hurt her anymore than I already have, I'm gonna head home." I turn on my heel, and leave the hospital yet again.


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