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I opened the door to Harry's car, and plopped in. He gave me a weird glare, but I brushed it off. His eye brows were furrowed together as he drove, it was quite adorable. I pulled out my phone.

' From Lou: Sorry I couldn't pick u up, love. But one of the boys will be over shortly '

I mentally groaned. Why did Harry pick me up, if one of the other boys could have?

"So..." I spoke, breaking the quiet.

"What?" he said harshly.

"Why'd you pick me up?"

"Because no one else could, and Niall practically forced me to." He spoke, not taking his eyes off the road. I nodded slightly, though I knew he couldn't see me. The silence is killing me. I started to fidget around in my seat, he took notice and turned his radio on.

"No! Leave it, I like this song!" I giggled. He looked rather annoyed, but left the radio be. I grinned at him, and started mouthing the words to the song. That was until I started to sing it, because I couldn't help myself.

"Tap on my window, knock on my door I wanna make you feel beautiful" I silently sang out. Harry glances over at me, and I continue to sing the lyrics as he drove down the road.

Harry stopped the car in a parking lot in front of a short building.

"Thanks for the ride, Harry" I say as I step out of the car. He waves his hand as if to say 'don't mention it'.

"Oh and sorry for singing, I probably killed your ears" I laugh.

"It's fine. You weren't that bad" he chuckles.

"Are the guys already here?" I say leaning on the door to hold it open for him. He shrugs his shoulders.

I walk back to the counter to get bowling shoes, and there was a guy behind it.

"What size?" he asks, without looking up at me.

"Um sevens? Maybe?" I have no idea what size I need. He looked up at me, with brown eyes.

"Sure" he chuckled. He hands me a pair of hideous bowling shoes, and then hands me a piece of paper.

"What's this for?" I say, looking at him confused.

"Can I have your number? Please?"

"Um, yeah sure" I tell him, as I write seven digits on the paper. But before I could write down the last four, someone takes the pen out of my hand.

"Sorry mate, she's not interested" I looked up to find Harry, with a smirk plastered on his face. The boy behind the counter looked as if he's just seen a ghost. Harry motions me to walk with him, but I just stand there frozen. That is until he places his hand on the small of my back.

"Harry, what the hell?" I ask.

"What?" he says furrowing his eyebrows together.

"Why did you tell him I wasn't interested?" I say as I air quote him.

"The guys told me to come get you, and I didn't wanna wait ten years" he says, shrugging his shoulders.

"Ok?" I sigh. That boy was cute.

The boys were waiting for us, and when we approached them, they all ran up to me.

"Emma!" they all said.

"Hey guys!" I say laughing.

We set up the game, and of course, I went last. I sucked at bowling. I hit literally two pins. The boys all laughed at me, until I threatened to hit them with my ball.

"Ok, Harry! See if you can do better!" I laugh. Harry was first, so that meant he went after me. He shook his head slightly, while smiling widely.

"Oh, I can! And I will!" he said picking up his ball. He started walking towards his lane, and didn't stop when he was supposed to. He kept walking to the pins. I gasped, wasn't that dangerous?

"Harry! What are you doing?! You'll get hurt!" I called for him, as he stopped right before the pins. He sat on his butt, and rolled the ball. He got a strike. That idiot. We laughed at him, as he walked back up the lane.

"Sometimes, I think you need help, Harry" Niall said to him while giving him a high five.

"That was stupid" Zayn said, getting his ball. Liam and Louis couldn't stop laughing long enough to say anything. My jaw was somewhere on the floor.

"Love, you might wanna close your mouth, before a bug flies in it" Harry told me, smiling. I quickly shut my mouth.

At the end of the game, Zayn won. Harry came in second, Liam third, Louis fourth, and Niall fifth. I came in last, because they would distract me from bowling. Like for example, when it was my turn Niall came up behind me before I let go of my ball, and started tickling me. Which caused me to drop my ball on his foot.

We were returning our bowling shoes, when Harry got directly beside of me. We were about to hand our shoes over to the boy that asked for my number.

"How was your game?" he asked me. I smiled.

"I lost, so not that great" he chuckled.

"My name's Travis, by the way" he smiled, holding his hand out.

"Emma," I say, taking his hand.

"And I'm Harry," I look over at him. He doesn't even glance at me. Why is he acting this way?


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