"Emma, wake up! You have class today, love," he says. My eyes snap open, and I forget where I am. Harry smiles at me, before kissing my forehead. Memories of last night flood through my mind, and I smile back at him.

"Good morning," I say groggily. He laughs, as I sit up in bed. "What time is it?" I ask, as I look around the room. Harry was standing near his closet, putting jeans on, he looks to me, before glancing at his watch.

"Eight fifteen," he says. He looks sad, and tired. Did he stay up all night? I can't remember much after we came back to the house. I remember laying in his bed, talking, and then drifting to sleep.

"Why do you look so tired?" I ask, standing up, and walking over to him. I cup his cheeks with my hands, before mushing his face up. He shrugs, and pulls away from my grasp. I frown, and walk around his bed, finding a pair of his sweat pants, and pulling them on. I glance at his shelf, and take notice that the pictures of him, and Liz are gone, and the pictures of him and Louis are gone.

How could I not have told Harry the secret? How could I let him live like that? Through pain, and heartache? What was I thinking? I should have told him the minute I found out, instead of keeping it to myself. What if Harry only kissed me to take away the pain from Liz? Am I starting to have trust issues with him? How could he go from loving Liz, to liking me in less than an hour? What if I'm his rebound? He could have tons of girls coming to the house every night, like Liam said. I could just be another girl in the way. Liz is the love of his life, and I barely know him. I can't do this, I can't let myself get hurt.

"Babe? What's wrong?" he asks, throwing himself onto the bed behind me. I look over my shoulder at him, and shake my head.

"Nothing, just thinking," I say silently. I turn around, to find Harry sitting on his knees in front of me. He smirks, before pressing his lips to mine. I pull away first. He gives me a confused look, before shrugging it off.

"Thinking about what?" he asks, walking over to his closet, and pulling on a shirt. I shrug, and walk over to my phone, going through my missed texts from last night.

' From Louis: Im so sorry. Please quit running away from us...'

I put my phone in my bag, and take my camera out. I can't read any more texts about what happened last night. Liz will be out of my life, and I will never have to think about her again. I turn my camera on, and take picture of Harry. He was caught off guard, and he looks at me, before narrowing his eyes.

"Emma, what was that?" he asks slyly. He then lunges towards me, and we fall back onto his bed. I giggle hysterically, as he plants kisses on both cheeks, my forehead, my chin, my nose, and finally my lips. My giggling stops, and my hand reaches up to the back of his neck. His hands are at my waist. I pulled away, and smile at him. He rests his forehead on mine, as he looks me straight in the eyes. The butterflies are fighting in my stomach at this point, and I can't stop smiling. He gets up, and reaches his hand out. I take it, and he pulls me up, embracing me.

"Quit thinking about her," he whispers in my ear. I freeze, and stop breathing for a few seconds. How did he know? Can he read my mind? Was I dreaming of Harry? Did I slip into a coma, and conjure up this whole thing? Most of my life?

"Lets go," he says, handing me my bag. I take it, and smile at him. He opens his door, and grips my hand, tugging me out of his room. I his let go of his hand, and glare at him.

"What are you doing?" I ask, in a shocked tone.  He looks at me for a few seconds, before turning at walking down the stairs. I hear the front door open, and slam close. I jump from the sudden loud noise. 

Harry's temper, and attitude are the things that kill me the most. Also he is so bipolar, and I don't know when to have my guard up. It just pisses me off so bad, and I mean, I'm totally into Harry. I like him, I just don't know what to do about his sudden mood swings that occur all the time. 

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