P. S. This chapter may be unsuitable for some viewers. THIS IS NOT AN INTIMATE SCENE.

I take a look around. But I am not seeing. I am falling, but I am totally calm. I look down, but see nothing, only the clouds speeding past me. I look around again, and notice something, someone. I squint my eyes to see who it is. It's Harry. He's smiling, and he has angel wings, along with a glowing ring around his head. He walks towards me, his feet moving but no floor underneath him. He holds out his arms for me, and I move towards him. He encloses me in his arms. His scent still the same- mint. He releases me and holds me at arms length, still smiling.
He has a glow to him. His skin seems to be shining, and sparkling. All of a sudden his smile turns wicked, his wings turn black, and his halo falls off. The glow is still there though, the one thing that remains is his glistening glow. He laughs menacingly, and reaches behind him. His eyes lock on mine as he brings his hand back out. Revealing a knife. I gasp and his grin widens. He turns the knife towards me, before he brings the blade between his fingers. He plays around with it for a few seconds before looking up at me and licking his lips.
He plunges the knife in his torso. I watch in horror as he does it three more times before falling. His blood is splattered everywhere, and I take notice that his blood isn't red. It's gold. It shines like the glow I once saw, but now fades away. I am screaming, and crying. I look around and notice walls have enclosed us. I drop to the floor, and put him in my arms. I trace his lips with my fingertips, I tremble as they start to turn a light shade of purple. His eyes are open, staring into space. I reach my fingers up, and shut his eyelids. I rock back and forth with him in my lap. I sob, but can't make a sound. Harry starts to fade. He starts to disappear, his wings going with him. I grab his face, and try to keep him, but it doesn't work, he's gone, and I am left with only the golden stains.

I close my eyes. And when I open, I am in a small room, with a small tv mounted on the wall. I look around the room and notice a small beeping noise. I then realize I'm in the hospital. The door is open, and I'm alone. I don't remember what happened. I just remember the dream I just had.
"Harry?" I scream. "Harry!" I hear yelling from the hallway and I hold my breath.
"Emma! Let me go! She needs me!" I hear. I start to cry, when I hear Harry.
"Emma!" He screams. His voice shakes. He must be crying.
"Harry!" I sob. Finally I hear the door open all the way, and see Harry there, panting and crying. He rushes over to me, and grabs my face, pulling my lips to his. The kiss lasts for a long time. I can taste his tears as they fall.
He pulls away, and looks me in the eye
"Emma, I'm so sorry. I'm sorry. So sorry" he whispers. I rest my forehead on his, and I silently sob. His arms are around me. He rests his hand on my neck, pushing towards me. Our lips connect once again.

He climbs onto the small bed, and lays down beside me. I wrap my arm around his torso, and put my head on his chest. His arm holds me tightly while his other hand rubs mine. I smile, and push my face into him.

He starts humming. I feel the deep rumble from his chest.
"Harry," I say quietly.

"I love you," I choke.
"And I you, babe," he says.
"Why am I in the hospital?" I speak.
"Em-" he stops. He leans his head over and kisses my forehead. "I'm sorry" he says, before slowly getting up.
"Harry?" I grabs his shirt in my fist. He looks back to me, his face red, and his eyes brimmed with tears. He looks down at my hand, and looks back to me.
"I can't." He says as he looks away. I slowly release his shirt, and watch him sit on the edge of the bed. He holds his face in his hands, and his back heavily shakes. He takes in a huge breath, and looks back.

"I can't see you anymore," he croaks.

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