Emma Landon,

You're ridiculously annoying, and obnoxious, and a little weird, but I can't stay away from you. I don't know what it is, maybe your courage. or enthusiasm to do things you want. In other words, I'm attracted to you, but I'm overall in love with someone else. Maybe things will change, and I can be happy again, I'm just not sure if you'll allow me to be that. Maybe you are attracted to me too, but you choose to never tell me. You remind me of numerous Coldplay songs. Every time I see your face, or read your name, lyrics from different songs flood my mind. You'll never see this, anyways, so why do I bother to consume my time writing this? Fuck. I'm asking my imaginary 'you' to answer all my questions, yet I have so many more to ask.

Shit. Emma, You & I, will never work out. I can't go through the pain of my last relationship again...

All I could feel was pain, and sadness. Tears already starting to prick my eyes, there was more scribbling on the piece of paper, but I decided to crumple it up, and throw it at the floor. I sprawled out on my bed, and cried into my pillow.


I laid on my bed for the rest of the day, dozing off, and waking up. At around eleven, I finally fell completely asleep.

Beep. Beep. Beep. Beep.

I groaned, turning over, slamming my fist on my alarm clock. I peeled my comforter off of my body, and stand to my feet. I stretched, before making my way over to Aleah's bed, waking her.

"Aleah, it's seven thirty! You have a class in an hour!" I say, after checking our calendar. She stirs, and yawns, sitting up, and looking around the room.

I have a class at eight, so I get the bathroom first. I brush my teeth, and take a quick shower, braiding my hair, after combing it out. I put my glasses on my nose, and walk out, grabbing a pair of jeans, and a long sleeve shirt from my dresser. Slipping them on, and then finding my white converse. I stood in the kitchen, making Aleah a bowl of cereal, when I heard my phone ringing. I take Aleah's cereal to her, and grab my phone, answering it before seeing who it is.

"Hello?" I say.

"Emma..." I froze. The voice on the other line, was one I knew well. The deep, raspy, voice. Which sounded sad. I bit my lip. I didn't talk, I just sat there, my phone up to me ear, my free hand fumbling with the hem of my shirt. "I know your mad. I'm so sorry, let me explain, please!" He says.

"Harry, there's nothing for you to explain. We're not together, and I should have never stayed at your house, nor should I have been with you for two days straight. I found that little note on your desk. I already know about Liz, so just leave me alone," I say sternly. There was a long pause, before he spoke.

"You read it? What the fuck!" I sighed, and stood up, grabbing my bag, and leaving the room, walking towards my class. "How the hell do you know what happened?" He yells.

"That doesn't matter, what matters is that you were leading me on. Flirting, cuddling, holding my hand, calling me babe, for nothing! I'm done being that girl, Harry. You love her, so stop. Goodbye, Harry," I say hanging up, and turning my phone off, rushing into the visitor bathrooms, and wiping my tears.


I walk back into the dorm at seven o'clock. I had five classes today, and I was exhausted. Aleah was in the room, with her boyfriend, Ed. I reach into my bag, retrieving my phone, and turning it on.

It starts ringing immediately, I jump, and look at the screen. Harry is calling me. I ignore him, and scroll through my phone. I have twenty seven missed calls, all from Harry. I have fifteen voice mails, from Harry. I have seventy two text messages, sixty eight of them being from Harry. I go to my messages, and the other four, are from Niall, Louis, my mom, and Liam. I check those, leaving Harry's unopened.

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