I stare at him. A cold, hard glare, straight in his eyes. He looks at me with a confused expression. I roll my eyes, and shake me head, scoffing. He looks down at his phone, and dials a number. Liz' I suppose. 

"Hello? Liz?" I hear him say. 

"Yeah. It's Harry, um. We need to talk." 

"I'm done,"

"With you. Yeah. Okay, bye. Have fun with John," he says, while taking the phone from his ear. He looks at me, and half smile. 

I giggle, before hugging him, and pecking his cheeks. He smiles a huge smile, and picks me up. He spins me around, while laughing. 

"I love you, too," he says, grinning. I embrace him, smiling a huge smile. I can't believe it, I'm so happy, I can throw up. But I don't. Harry looks me in thee eyes, and kisses me, softly.

"What do you wanna do?" he asks, placing me back on the ground. 

"Sleep," I say seriously. I'm dead tired, and have a huge headache. He stares at me, for a few seconds, just scanning over my face. His eyes trail over my lips, as he leans in closer to me, stopping an inch away from my lips.

"Let's go to the house," he says, and draws back, grinning.

"You're such a tease!" I groan.

"Sorry baby," he pecks my lips. I giggle, and he smiles, watching my every move.

"What?" I ask, narrowing my eyes. He looks a little longer, before opening his mouth, and closing it again. 

He turns his head, to face forward, and he grins, looks down, and scoffs. He looks back to me. 

"You're just so...beautiful," he says. I can feel the heat rush through my cheeks, and I look down. 

"Thanks, but you're not to bad yourself," I say, looking at him, and winking. He chuckles, and looks at our surroundings.

"Wanna go to the house?" he asks, reaching into his pockets. 

"Can we just stay here?" I ask nodding my head in the direction of the dorms. 

"Alright," he says. 

"Race ya!" I say, smiling. I took off for my dorm. 

"Emma! You cheated!" Harry exclaims, chasing me. I can hear him gaining up on me, so I just stop dead in my tracks, him not having enough time to stop, crashes into me. I rub my knee, and look to Harry, who is holding his head. I burst into laughter, and push myself up, continuing my race. 

I scream, when Harry puts his arms around my waist, picking me up, and swinging me around. 

"Harry! Put me down!" I laugh.

"Never!" he says.

"Harry! Now!" I giggle. He finally put me back on the floor, and I turn around, and kissed him. He kisses me back. 

"Get a room, slut," I hear. What? I stop kissing, and look around Harry, to find Courtney. She looked quite annoyed. Harry turns around to face her, and smirks. 

"Don't call her a slut," Harry states. Courtney crosses her arms on  her chest.

"No, Harry, she's right," I say. Harry and Courtney give me shocked looks, and I grab Harry's hand, and open my dorm door, and drag him in behind me. 

He laughs, and I smirk.

"Damn, she just can't win with you!" he laughs. 


Two hours, and one movie later, Harry and I are in my bed, cuddling. 

"Harry?" I ask, turning over to face him.

"Yes, babe?" 

"Are you sure?" I ask, biting my lip. 

"Sure about what?" he asks, looking confused.

"Loving me," I say, looking away from him. He looks up, thinking. 

"Baby, I would be stupid not to," I giggle.

"But, what if you just think you love me?" I say, looking him in the eyes.

"Emma, I love you," he says, annoyed.

"Harry.." I say distantly.

"It's love, I promise," he says happily.

"Promise?" I ask, holding out my pinkie. He looks at it, and holds his out, shaking mine. I smile, and he kisses the top of my head. 

"I promise," he says, groggily. His breathing slows, and I can tell he's asleep. Soon, I drift to sleep as well, dreaming of Harry, as always.

Harry. As in Harry Styles. The boy that I claim I love. Who I would have never imagined, would say it back to me. Harry


My Harry.



A lot of school work was piled on me, and I was so busy. Hoped you enjoyed this! 

Love you guys!! 

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