I can feel his hot breath on me. I turn to find Niall, his eyes are filled with hunger. I take a small step backwards, and fumble over a chair leg. I stumble forwards, and find myself in Niall's arms. He looks down at  me and smirks. He keeps his arms tightly around me. I push against his chest. But he grips me harder.

"Come on Emma. You know you want me" he whispers. I look up at him and gulp. I shake my head. He leans down to me, and slowly closes his eyes. Shit. I turn my head slightly, and his lips hungrily connect to mine. I desperately try to be released from his grasp, so I slap him across his cheek. He takes his lips from mine, and releases me. I jog away from him.

"Emma! C'mon!" he calls. I race up the stairs, and rush into Harry's room. I push the door closed behind me, and look up. Which I wished I hadn't. Harry was with another girl, his eyes connect with mine, and he freezes, eyes going wide. The girl looks at me, and her expression is neutral. I've never seen her before. Harry's lips are swollen, and red. I can feel the tears sting in my eyes. What the hell?

"Harry..." I swallow. "What the fuck..." I say quietly, and slowly before exiting the room. I feel shattered, and my lungs can barely retrieve air. I sit out in the hallway, my back to the wall. I am hidden from Harry's door, so if he tries to look he for me, he won't see me. After twenty minutes of staring at his door, I finally get up. I stumble down stairs. I walk into the living room to find Niall sitting on the couch, tracing the mouth of his cup. I trudge over to him, and plop down beside him. He looks over at me and then slowly looks back at his fingers.

"Niall," I choke. He looks to me with his eyebrows raised. "Kiss me." I whisper. He uses his hand to cup my neck. His lips brush over mine, before he plunges crashes them to mine hungrily. He traces his tongue over my bottom lip, until the kiss gets heated, and his tongue enters my mouth. I am not into Niall. I just need to get my mind off of Harry. And right now, Niall is my distraction, and honestly he's a good kisser. So it's a win-win. 

After about two minutes of making out with Niall, I can feel someone tugging on Niall's shirt. I pull away and see Harry's infuriated eyes. I jump back, when seeing his expression. He looks like a monster. Niall's eyes go wide. Harry picks him up off the couch. And holds his collar. I try to pry Harry's fingers off Niall, Harry shrugs me off with such force that I fall backwards. 

"How dare you!" Harry screams. Niall just laughs. Harry rears back and punches Niall square in the nose. I shriek, and step in front of Harry, pounding his chest with my small fists. 

"Harry! Stop!" I scream. He pushes me out of his way, I was still slightly drunk, and I lost my balance falling onto the glass coffee table, cracking it. I wince, and realize that I was cut with the glass. I can't stand, and I am in a lot of pain. I reach to my lower left side, and bring my fingers to my face. Bright shiny crimson stains my fingers. All I remember is seeing Harry's eyes widen, and everyone gasping before my vision goes black. 


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