I open the door of my room, to see Liam standing there.

"Hey, love," Liam says, pulling me in for a hug. I laugh, as I wrap my arms around his torso, squeezing. He releases, and looks at me again.

"Liam!" I shriek, hugging him again. I finally let him go, and pull him in the door.  He laughs, and sits on the couch. "I'm totally stoked that your here, but why are you here?" I ask, grinning. He doesn't say anything for awhile.

"It's about Harry," he tells me, looking me in the eyes. I shift uncomfortably, next to him. I look at my hands, before rubbing my forehead.

"Harry hasn't talked to me for weeks, Liam," I start. Its been two and a half weeks since Harry stormed in my dorm, and begged for my forgiveness. I honestly thought he would put up more of a fight for me. But no, he didn't.

I was only a mere rebound to the well known boy Harry Styles. He had moved on, and left me in the past. He will always love Liz, and I can't help that.

"Em, he's in bad shape, please," Liam states sadly.

"Liam, I don't want to get hurt again, and plus he's moved on," I say quietly. It was almost eight on a Friday night, and Aleah was out with Ed.

"But he's hurting, and he has moved on. From Liz, to you. You're all he talks about, when he does. He usually stays cooped up in his room, the light is always on, and music is softly playing through the walls. Occasionally, he screams, and loud noises are heard. Him destroying something else in his room, and then breaking down, and crying. He needs you. Please," Liam says, tears pricking his eyes. I slowly nod my head, trying to process everything he said.

"What do you want me to do?" I ask, my voice cracking.

"There's a party tonight. And Harry, will more than likely lock himself in his room," he says.

"Ok, can I take a quick shower?"

"Take your time, Em," he says, giving me a small smile. I grab a towel, and jump in the shower, quickly washing my hair, and my body.

I step out of the bathtub, and the steam enters my pores, refreshing me. I scan the bathroom, and realize I forgot clothes.

"Shit," I say under my breath. "Liam!" I say loudly.


"Can you grab me some clothes, panties, and a bra, and then I don't care," I hear him shuffling around, before knocking lightly on the door.

I open it, and he shoves the clothes to me. I laugh, because his free hand is covering his eyes. He smiles, and retrieves his hand, and I shut the door.

I wrap my hair in a towel, and slip my clothes on. Liam picked out a pair of leggings, and a turquoise shirt, that hung below my butt. It looked pretty good on me, as I turn back and forth in the mirror. I brush my teeth, and apply some mascara, and eyeliner. I unravel the towel, and my hair falls over my shoulders, still damp.

I step out of the bathroom, and Liam looks up to me.

"You ready?" he asks. I nod my head, and grab my bag, pulling my phone out. I follow Liam, out of the dorm, and to his car. I can feel the butterflies fluttering in my stomach, knowing I'll see Harry. I check my phone, to get it off my mind. I have a lot of unread texts, considering I haven't looked at my phone in a week.

' From Lou: Em, please call one of us '

' From Niall: we miss you '

' From Liam: Please, please check your phone. we need to talk '

' From Harry: Emma, I need you. Please, come back to me. I don't know what to do :( '

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