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Harry unlocked the house door, and walked into the kitchen. I followed him, and watched him intensely. He ducks below the counter top, and opens a cabinet. I can hear shuffling coming from the kitchen table. He stands to his full height, and swiftly walks over to me. He hands me a small bottle, and a bottle of water.

"Thanks," I say quickly. I put two capsules on my tongue, before taking a swig of my water. "Harry?"

"Hmm? he hums. I could hear the deep rumble in his chest.

"Is Louis here?"

"I dunno, why?" he asks, his brow arching, and his lips forming a tight line. I look around the room, before settling my eyes back to Harry.

"I need my bag," I say quietly. He looks at me for a split second, before he smiles his beautiful smile at me.

"Oh right, I'm pretty sure he is working right now, but I'll call him for you," Harry furrows his brows, as he pulls his phone out of his pocket. He taps his finger on the screen, before pressing the device to his ear. "Hey, Lou. Its Harry," he pauses.

"Yeah. Ehm, listen. Em left her bag in your car, are you busy?" again he pauses. "Ok, where are you?" his eyes go wide for a second. "Why the hell are you over there?"

he pauses, and looks at me. His brows are still knitted together. There was a long pause, until he took a sharp breath in. "We'll be over there in a bit," he says hanging up the phone.

"What's going on?" I say raising my eyebrow.

"He's at some girls house, and we're going to get your bag," he says flatly. I stare at him, until we hear a door close. Zayn, and Liam come into the kitchen, and stop dead in their tracks at the sight of me and Harry sitting so closely together. I quickly stand to give them a hug.

"Emma? What are you doing here?" Liam asks, he also has a thick British accent, along with Zayn.

"Long story," I say cheerily. They both look to Harry, and then back to me, before snickering.

"It's not like that!" I say, raising my voice. Liam pushes his hands back, in defeat. Liam, and Zayn wave to me, as they exit the room. I give them a small smile, before turning to Harry. He's looking at his hands, which are folded in front of him. A few moments later, he pushes himself from his chair, and walks past me, and out the front door. I follow hm to his car, where he slings his door open, and then slams it shut. I hurriedly sink into the passenger seat of his car, and slump.

His hands grip the steering wheel, until his knuckles are white. What did I do? I let out a deep sigh, and groan.

"What?" he says, he glances at me, his brows furrowed together. I shake my head, and he turns his attention to the road.

The rest of the car ride with Harry was completely silent.  A few taps on the steering wheel, and a hum here and there. We pulled into a lot, with apartments in front of the cars.

"Harry, where are we?" I say, watching him get out of the car, and shut his door. He doesnt answer my question, but just leaves me in the car. By the time I step out of the car, Harry is out of sight. Shit. I have no idea which way he went, and there was no way in helI was going to knock on door to door, to find out either. I shut the car door, and lean against it. I look around the empty lot, and saw a few people scattered around the place. I pull my phone out of my pocket, and try to occupy myself.

I saw someone walking in my direction, out of the corner of my eye. I didnt look at them until, they stood beside me. I looked at a man with a cigarette hanging between his teeth, and a baggy sweat shirt on. He had brown eyes, and blonde hair. His eyes were taking me in, scraping up amd down my body. He looked me back in the eyes, before half smiling.

"I'm Aaron," he smirked. I lightly smiled, and shook my head.

"I'm Emma," I state flatly.

"So, Emma. Your boyfriend bring you here?" I looked around before answering him. I push my loose hair behind my ear.

"Something like that," I say. Just then, Aaron snakes his arm around my waist, lightly touching my butt. I gasp, and knock his hand away. I rear my hand back, to slap him. But he quickly grabs my wrists. He pulls me closer to him, and tries to kiss me. I lifted my knee to come in contact with his privates. He winces and slouches to the ground.

"Pig!" I shriek.

"What the hell is going on here?!" I turn to see Harry walking towards me.


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