Aleah woke me up around eight, because we both had a class at nine. I quickly took a shower, and put a loose black t-shirt on, and some skinny jeans. I towel dried my hair, and I put mascara on.

"So how do you know Louis and the boys?" I ask Aleah.

"Me and Louis have been friends for about two years, we met at a party" she tells me, while she grins ear to ear. "How do you know Niall?"

"I met him on my plane yesterday" that seemed so odd. "What do you know about that Harry boy?" I say curiously.

"I do know that you shouldn't get mixed up with him" she says casually. I can't help but want to know more, to ask her more questions. But I refrain, and decide to change the subject.

"What class do you have?"

"Physics, you?" she asks, as she looks in the mirror to apply makeup.

"English literature" I groan. I'm so tired. As soon as we got back to the dorm last night, I stayed up to unpack. Which was a big mistake. I look in the mirror one last time, before grabbing a pen, and a notebook. I have light green under my eyes. I sighed deeply, before looking at Aleah.

"Can we get a hot chocolate?" I ask, shuffling through my bag to find my camera. I find it and place the view finder to my eye. She turns, and opens her mouth to talk, as I snap the camera. She stops what she's doing to give her full attention to me.

"What are you doing?" She asks, as I look at the picture. I smile, because she looks great. Her hair lightly at her shoulders, her lips parted, but her eyes not quite looking at the lens. I show it to her, and she gasps.

"That's really good! And there's a Starbucks on the corner" she looks at her phone. "We can probably make it, if we leave now."

We gather our things, and leave the room.

We walk to the Starbucks, and get there around 8:35. I ordered a hot chocolate, and she orders a cappuccino.

"Do you not like coffee?" she says, taking a sip of her large cup.

"Not really, no" I chuckle. Her eyebrows furrow together.

"What?" She says in disapproval. I laugh, and we start walking back to campus.

We stay silent most of the way, sipping our drinks. I fish out my phone. I have two text messages. One from Niall, and the other from Louis.

' Niall: Hey, I had fun last night! Sorry that Harry bummed you out, but don't worry about him. Ok well see ya :) '

' Lou: hey. Let's all hang 2nite?? '

I replied to both texts.

' To Niall: good morning cheesy ;) '

' To Lou: Maybe. I'll ask Aleah. Is Harry gonna be there? '

I turned my phone off as I pressed send.

"Wanna hangout with Lou and the boys later?" I say, throwing my cup away.

"I can't. I have to baby sit tonight"

Crap! I can't just hangout with them by myself. I've only known them a day. Maybe I'll just say I have to study, or go shopping.

After a few more minutes of walking, me and Aleah split ways. I walked into class, and the teacher was young. Maybe about twenty-five. He was pretty attractive, i'd be paying attention.

Class went by slow. And it was the only one I had today. So I went back to the dorm, and plopped down on my bed. I got my phone out, and turned it back on. My phone immediately started buzzing. I had four texts.

' From Niall: Shut up, Em. :( '

' From Niall: are we hanging out tonight? '

' From Lou: ok & idk probably. If you don't want him to, then I won't tell him '

' From Mother: how is everything going?? '

I sighed before replying to all of them.

' To Lou: It's not that I don't like him, it's just .. Never mind. It is that I don't like him. But I'm fine, it's not my place to tell him he cant come. It's cool Lou ;) '

' To Niall: *shutting up* idk yet '

' To Mother: yes I'm fine, it's great. Made some new friends. Love you bye '

I put my phone on the side table, and I rested my head on my pillow. I drifted into a nap.

I woke up, and it was two o'clock. I checked my phone again. I had a text from Louis.

' From Lou: whatever u say. Let me know what's happening, k? '

I decided to call Louis aside from texting him.


"Hey, Lou!"

"Emma? Hey! What's up?"

"Nothing, I just woke up. But Aleah said she was babysitting tonight so she can't hangout"

"Right, I'll be over in five"

"For what?"

"The boys, and you, and me are hanging out. We're going bowling!"

"Ok, Lou. See ya"




"I love you, Lou" I say as I start laughing hysterically.

"Ha-ha, get ready. You probably look bad" I could hear his smile through the phone.

"How'd you know? Witch!"

I hang up my phone, and go to the bathroom to brush my teeth. I put on a 'free hugs' hoodie, and left my jeans on. My hair was crazy today, so I found a hat to put on. I ruffled my hair, which hung past my shoulders.

There was a knock at the door, I was in the middle of taking my contacts out, and I assumed it was Louis.

"It's open!" I say. I hear the door open, then close. I open the cabinet and set my contacts in, and pull my glasses out. I look in the mirror before shutting the light off.

"Hey Lou---Harry?" my eyes widen. Harry was leaning his back against the door, looking at his phone. He looks up at me. "Where's Louis?" I ask.

"He had to go do something before meeting us at the bowling alley." He says flatly. He was wearing a dark flannel, with the sleeves rolled up, a white t shirt underneath. With black skinny jeans.

"Alright. Um, let me get my bag" I start walking around the room, before picking up my bag, and putting my camera, and phone inside it. He watches me the whole time, and doesn't say another word.


Wow Emma's quite the texter.

"Em" is Emmas nickname, if there was any confusion lol people could say it meant ehm or um or something.

Louis is so adorable :)

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