I awoke, at the sound of a flight attendants voice telling us we are about to land. My senses aren't revived until the boy next to me starts talking.

"Nice sleep, yeah?" I turn my attention to him, he was handsome. He had blonde hair and beautiful blue eyes. He smiled, and started to fidget.

"Yes, it was" I grinned.

"I'm Niall"


We smile at each other again before we converse into small talk.

Niall was to be attending college in South Carolina as well as me. He was 19, and was meeting a couple of friends at a cafe above the airport.

"Would you like to come along?" He asks, while grabbing his carry on.

"Oh no, I couldn't intrude. Plus I have to get to my dorm. Raincheck?"

"I see, and sure!" He pulls out his cell phone and hands it to me. I give him a confused look, until I look down at the phone. He has it on his contacts list. I add my name and number to his phone, and smile as I return it to him. The plane has already landed, and I reach for my bag. I'm so happy to be off this plane. Meeting Niall was an upside, not even ten minutes into a new state, and I already had a friend! I smile at my thoughts as I continue out of the plane.

Niall walks in front if me, and when we step off the plane, he turns to face me.

"It was nice meeting you, Sleeping Beauty" he teases. My cheeks flush, and I smile up at him.

"Nice meeting you too!"

"I'll text you later, Emma" he says before he turns on his heel and walks away.

My stomach growls as I enter a cab, to take me to my SCU. I really wish I would have accompanied Niall to that cafe.

"Where to, Miss?" The cab driver asks.

"SCU, please" I say to him.

It wasn't long until we pulled up to a big parking lot, with lots of people getting out of cars and carrying luggage. The building was huge, and the glass windows sparkled in the daylight. I look down at my phone before slipping into my bag. I pay the man and exit the taxi. I go to the trunk and retrieve my bags, struggling with them.

"Here you go" a girl says as she helps get my bags into my hand.

"Thanks!" I say with a smile.

"No problem! My name is Courtney"

"I'm Emma". We walk through the doors together, and part ways to find a the dorm captains who will have our keys.

"Emma Landon?" I ask a talk man with stubble. He looks down at his paper and hands me a key.

"Room 307, down hallway B" he instructs. I take the key and turn around to find the hallway.

I arrive at room 307, and push my key into the lock. I swing the door open, and my eyes widen as the trail over the room, and the person in it.


A/N - so I know this is short, and weird haha. And I also know I changed Niall's age.

Btw: I have never been on a plane, nor have I ever been to a university. So if this confuses anyone, IM SO SORRY :'(

But I would like to say that I hope you guys read these boring chapters and don't give up reading them. A huge thanks to all of you! :*

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