Louis and I go to the mall, and then to get food. He has been such a great friend.

"Em, you can't just look at something without trying it on," Louis says, stalking towards me.

"I don't like it. It just reminds me of someone," I say flatly. It reminded me of something my mother would wear. I should call her later.

We eat at the food court, laughing and snorting, the occasional spit take after we sip our drinks.

"Ok ok, Em how old are you?" Louis says, popping a piece of chicken in his mouth.

"If I tell you, I'd have to kill you," I say raising my brow. He busts out laughing, while a smile spreads across my face. "I'm about to turn eighteen," I state.

"Wow, you're young," he laughs.

"How old are you then?"

"Almost twenty one,"

"Damn Lou! You're practically already a grandad!" I joke. I giggled, when he throws a fry at me.

We walk to his car, and he starts the engine.

"Wanna do something fun?" Louis asks, backing out of the parking space.

"Like what?" I ask shuffling through my bag to find my phone. It's almost eight o'clock.

"Go to a party at a frat house," he replies.

"Ehm, Lou. I'm not dressed for a party, and plus I wouldn't know anybody," I say in a hushed tone. My eyes go back to my phone.

' From unknown: Why do you spend so much time with Louis? Are you screwing him? -H '

What the hell? I look over to Louis, then back at my phone.

"Lou, pull over," I tell him. Once he does so, I shove my phone to him. He reads it and then looks to me.

"Who is this from?" he says coldly.

"Who do you think?" I say, reaching for my phone.

"Harry?" he asks.

"Yeah, why does he care? I mean, it's not like he likes me. He's just probably being a nosey fuck, right?" I say biting my lip.

"What are you going to tell him? Louis asks, as he pulls back onto the road.

"To fuck off," I say, with a smirk.

' To unknown: Why do you care? Not that it's your business, but he's my friend, so no I'm not 'screwing him'. You ass '

After I pressed send, Louis pulled up to a big house.

"Lou, where are we?" I ask looking out the window.

"A party!" he exclaims.

"But Louis! I don't know anybody!" I say. Louis come over to the passenger side, and opens my door.

"You'll know a few people. This is the boys frat house. Mine as well," he states, shutting the door behind me.

I pulled out my phone to find another text from Harry.

' From unknown: I don't. Just curious as to where Louis goes all the time. '

Ugh. I push my phone back into my pocket, and follow Louis inside.

The house was even bigger on the inside, with about thirty people in the first room. Loud music blared, and pounded my ears. I follow him through a few rooms, before he stops in the kitchen. He pulls a solo cup from a cabinet and fills it with liquid. He then pushes it towards me. I hesitate. I have never drank before. But then I start thinking about Harry, and grab the cup and press it to my lips, tilting it up.

"Slow down there, Em!" Louis says loud enough so I could hear. I chug the whole cup, and hand it to him. The taste was so different. It was sweet at first, and then burned. But I already felt the adrenaline pump through my veins. Louis refills my cup, and I sip it this time. He fills yet another cup, and takes it for himself.

"Come on, let's go find the boys," He says, before placing his arm around my neck, and leading me through the rooms. I take sip after sip of my drink, eyeing the people in each room.

"Niall!" I shriek, once I see the boy with blonde hair, and shimmering blue eyes. I run over to him, and hug him. He smiles, and returns the gesture.

"Emma? What are you doing at a frat party?" Niall asks, chuckling. I turn around and point to Louis, who was talking to Liam. "Oh, I see," Niall says nodding.

"Yeah, I told him I wasn't dressed for a party, but he brought me here anyways," I shrug. He shakes his head, an I giggle hysterically.

"How many drinks have you had?" he asks, raising his brow.

"This is my second," I say giggling.

"Emma!" I turn to find Courtney, who gently hugs me.

"Hey," I state.

"What are you doing here?" she asks. Is it a crime, that I came to a frat party?

"Oh, Louis brought me! What about you?"

"I'm here with Harry," she smiled. What? With Harry? As in Harry, the one that was a jerk ninety percent of the time? The one with the beautiful emerald eyes, and mop of brown curls, that were pushed off his face?

"Oh, wow! That's great!" I say dryly.

"You and Louis are together a lot, is there something going on, that your not telling us?" she asks in a cheery voice.

"No, Louis and I are just friends! There's nothing going on between us," I say with a pout. "What about you and Harry?" I ask harshly.

"Oh, me and Harry? We're kind of together, we've went on a few dates. He was actually the one who pointed you out tonight, and I thought I'd come say hi!" Dating? Bull shit.

"Oh really? Harry told me you weren't dating," I say with a bitchy attitude. I turn, and walk to Liam, who tried waving me over during the skanks and my conversation.

"Liam, Zayn!" I say hugging them. I turn back to where Courtney was standing. She had a pout on her face, which turned into a scowl. I smiled before turning my attention back to the boys.

What was happening to me? Before I came here, I couldn't even hurt a fly. Now I'm purposefully hurting girls feelings. All because of what? Jealousy? Over a guy, who would never even look in my direction?


I'm so excited to be writing this! I hope you guys like it! :)

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