14. Kissing, Punching? Same Thing

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Cassidy Clarke POV

We make It to the alleyway and as we anticipated - the six buff guys followed us. While I am scared, I am more than capable of looking after myself. But its nice to know that Drew cares enough to want to keep me safe. We stopped walking when we were halfway down the alley. it wasn't long until the six guys surrounded us, three from behind and three in front of us.

A tall brunette pulled a gun and aimed it at me, I stopped myself from rolling my eyes. - suppose its good to know that he doesn't know that I know that Aspen wants me alive.

"Make a move and i shoot her." he says and Drew squeezes my hand slightly, I smile at the gesture and pull him into me.

"Hey I told you not to mo-"

"Let the Adults talk sweetheart" I cut him off with a condescending tone, that I know will make him angry.

"I-I I have a gun you Bitch!" he all but screams in reply. I look at him and see that he barely has a grip on his gun. I turn back to Drew and roll my eyes and Drew shakes his head amused.

"You take the three behind us, I want the pleasure of taking down Mr. Holding-my-gun-wrong" I say to Drew in a whisper. He nods in response as we turn back to look at the red-faced brunette.

"okay, okay p-please d-don't shoot me." I whimper as I move my body closer to Drew. I Felt Drew stiffen, and saw him attempting to not burst out laughing at my damsel-in-distress act.

"Good. Now Come here or I shoot your boyfriend" I made my eyes wide in mock terror.

This Guy is so stupid. a minute ago I was ignoring him.

"Y-You don't have to d-do this." I say as I let go of Drew's hand. I begin taking slow steps towards him, pretending to be shaking in fear.

Fucking Dumb fuck.

Once I was in front of him be grabbed my arm and pulled me into him I resisted the urge to roll my eyes at his behaviour. I turned my head and winked at Drew just as I stomped on the guy's foot and elbowed him in the stomach causing him to lean forward as I performed a round-house kick to his side. I grabbed the gun and removed the clip and the gun fell apart. I raised my knee and it hit him right under the chin causing him to groan. I shoved him to the side and ran towards the other two men who were basically oblivious to my actions moments ago. They attempted to pull guns on me but I crouched down and spun my leg around, knocking one down onto the ground and making the other stumble at my sudden movement. I jumped up from my crouched position and extended my leg out, making contact with the guy's chest as I punch the other one who was just making his way to his feet he fell down unconscious, and I punched the other guy in the face and he fell down out cold.

I looked over and saw Drew holding one of the other guys in a head lock while fighting another guy with his left arm. the third guy had his back facing and was pulling a gun from his waist band. I sprinted towards him and jumped on his back. he grunted at the impact and he fell to the ground with me on top of his back. I flipped my hair out of my face and looked up to see Drew with an unconscious guy in a choke hold and another guy on the ground holding his crotch. the guy underneath me groaned as he tried to move me off I jumped off and kicked him in the head successfully knocking him unconscious. I looked back up to see Drew drop the unconscious man on the ground and punched the other in the face. All six of them were out cold.

"How are you so good at kissing and kicking ass?" Drew asks as we walk up to one another.

"Kissing, Punching? Same thing.-" I shrug "-Kissing causes our brains to create a chemical cocktail that gives us a natural high. The brain goes into overdrive during a kiss. It dedicates a disproportionate amount of space to the sensation of space in comparison to much larger body parts. The cocktail is made up of three chemicals, all designed to make us feel good and crave more - dopamine, oxytocin and serotonin. Physical activity also simulates dopamine and serotonin to be released, these chemicals affect mood. so technically physical activity is the same as kissing." I say as I look at him.

"what else do you know?" he asks. I grin.

"Since their invention by the Chinese in the 13th Century, rockets have seen a substantial amount of development, although they still work on the same principle. Modern rockets come in two main categories, solid fuel and liquid fuel. Liquid-fuel rockets most commonly use liquid oxygen and either kerosene or liquid hydrogen. These combinations work well in space and down closer to the ground, resulting in a multitude of uses from the first stages of the Saturn V and Falcon rockets to the Space Shuttle's main engines used to get the orbiter in position in space. Solid-rocket fuel is easier and cheaper to handle and make as you don't have to cool materials to cryogenic temperatures. This means solid fuel is quite prevalent in military applications and also the first stages of space rockets. Made from powdered aluminium and an oxidiser, this fuel is often used in booster rockets to give 'craft that extra kick needed to lift off and make their way into space." I say and he looks at me like I am crazy.

better bring out the big guns now...Sex FACTS!

"well...-" I pause. "- a recent study found that frequent sex can help improve a woman's ability to remember words and phrases. it does this by increasing the blood flow to the hippocampal region of the brain. Apples are aphrodisiacs - in 2014 a study found that women who ate apples more than once a day reported better self-lubrication and overall sexual function compared to women who ate less than one apple a day." I look at him and his once freaked out look was changed with an amused - and perhaps aroused - one. i continued with my random sex facts out of amusment that i was now getting to him.

"sex can help to cure a headache. Sex causes the body to release endorphins which naturally reduce the pain of a headache." He raises an eyebrow in interest at me.

"Some female penguins engage in prostitution. Believe it or not, in the wild, certain female penguins (even when in a committed relationship) will exchange sexual favours with strange males for the pebbles they need to build their nests. According to Dr Fiona Hunter (a zoologist): "It tends to be females targeting single males, otherwise the partner female would beat the intruder up." On some occasions the prostitute penguins trick the males. They carry out the elaborate courtship ritual, which usually leads to mating. Having bagged their stone, they would then run off." i say with a chuckle.

"You are most certainly NOT normal, but i would love to know more sex facts, in the confines of a private place." he says with a smirk.

"Shopping first, then sex.-" i pause as we begin walking towards the mall entrance. "-maybe."

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