35. Grenades Are Always The Answer

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A/n Hello!  Had a rush of brain activity and had to give you two chapters quickly because I'm normally brain dead and can't even remember what I did an hour ago let alone a plot. Ha ha ha I'm sorry.

Anyways, here you are!



Cassidy Clarke POV

Leon gave me access to a laptop and I was currently attempting to find where Kyle was holding the others, while he was grabbing any and every weapon he thought we'd need to use to help our half-assed spur-of-the-moment rescue mission.

Both of us refused to give over the necklace, because both of us agreed that they planned to kill the others either way and the longer they were without the necklace, the better the others' chances were at remaining alive and the better our chances were in a rescue attempt if Kyle didn't have the necklace in his possession yet either.

I was running a program on the laptop to try and find any embedded code within Grant's security codes. Assuming that he was able to get out of - supposedly double crossing Kyle, he would have been the one who ran cyber security for Kyle and his crew or at least was the head honcho of Kyle's cyber security.

I was also trying to gain access to the security network that Grant and Kyle were using for their headquarters.

"Here, change into this." Leon standard as he threw an assortment of clothes at me along with a few weapon holsters. "There's a bathroom through there" he stated and proceeded to point a finger in the direction I was beginning to head.

"Okay, I'm running a geographical locator through Grant's system, assuming he was able to weasel his way out of what happened at the museum I'm assuming that he's also in charge of Kyle's cyber security, and hacker's are very stubborn and tend to be creatures of habit, so he's most likely used the same software there as well as with your system, suppose that's also how Kyle and the others gained access to your headquarters." I state as I stepped away and headed towards the bathroom to change hearing Leon mumble about my 'fucking techno-babble'

I pulled on the high-waisted black leather pants along with the form fitting black shirt once I made my way into the bathroom and removed the tattered dress.

I wrapped the gun holster around my waist and secured it there along with the thigh attachment and a smaller one for my ankle.

Making my way back out of the bathroom I tied my hair up into a high ponytail before plating it and tying it off.

Once I made it back to the living room of the safe house my laptop seemed to to found something.

"Leon get in here!" I shouted toward the dining room where he was preparing. Quickly sitting down and tapping the laptop Leon rounded the corner and looked over my shoulder.

I found the network that Grant was using to keep Kyle's headquarters secure. Tapping away I hacked in and made it look like I was never there.

"Oh my god." I whispered.

A security camera view came though of a dark basement looking room Archer and Ethan had their arms in chains attached to the ceiling while Drew was tied up in the corner.

The view we were seeing was a red-headed figure pull out a knife and made his way over to Drew and pulled him up.

"Oh my god" I whispered again barely audible. I snap my eyes shut and willed my tears to stay away.

You can cry when they're all safe. When Drew isn't bleeding out on the fucking floor.

"U-umm...-" I took a shaky breath and shook my head. "-I've found the address of the warehouse Kyle and the others are. T-this is the live feed of the basement. I've also hacked the security and got the passcodes for all the gates and doors we'd need to get through to get to them." I state clearing my throat and looking towards Leon.

"Fucking bastard." Leon hissed as he slammed his fist down on the side of the couch I was on.

"Get up, were moving now." He stated and I sent all my notifications to his phone to give us the codes we needed to break into the building. I made my way into the dining room setting the laptop on the table there.

"They're yours, I assume you know how to shoot, if not you'll learn soon enough." He stated pointing to an assortment of guns and knives.

"I'm a fast learner, especially because I want to beat the living shit out of Grant." I mutter.

"Pretty sure you'll have to fight me on that." Leon chuckled humourlessly


After packing up the van Leon had stored in the garage of the safe house we loaded our weapons - which also included a substantially large amount of grenades - into it and made our way towards the warehouse.

Please be okay. Please be okay. I swear to god if you die. God fucking damn it Drew.

"Drew's tough, he's going to be fine, same as the others." Leon states gripping the steering wheel tightly.

"Do you believe that or are you just trying to make me and yourself feel better?" I whisper, my hand and fingers running over the gun attached to my right thigh.

"Both?-" He sighs. "-he cares so much about you he even yelled at me so that's saying something."

"Yeah well, you're a fucking jerk anyways." I roll my eyes with a hint of a smile on my face.

"Bitch." He mutters, with a ghost of a smile on his lips.


After parking the van roughly a half a block away from the warehouse -to hide it and us from any of the camera and Kyle's men - we stocked up on weapons, Leon had a shot gun and two lots of grenades and flash bangs over his shoulders along with several holstered guns on his person.

"Alright let's go." He said quietly as we made out way towards one of the side doors of the warehouse.

I held Leon's phone in my grasp as I recited the code for the door to him and it opened.

What Fucking idiots don't have guards at the fucking door?

Making our down the dimly lit hallway we froze when we heard voices coming our way.

"What sort of kinky shit is that fucking redhead into?"

"I don't know, but wait till Leon finds out Eh?" The other voice chuckles.


Leon pulled a gun ready to shoot them. I grabbed his arm and dragged him into the hallway closet.

Why the fuck is there a closet in a hallway in a fucking warehouse?!

I need to stop complaining.

"What are you do-" I shoved him into the closet and slapped my hand over his mouth.

He glared at me. Before covering my mouth with his hand.

Is he that fucking petty? Yes apparently he is.

"Yeah maybe he'll let us watch eh? That'd be cool right?"

"No. No. That. Would be Gay Max. G-a-y."

Their voices got quieter as they moved further away.

I removed my hand from Leon's mouth as he did the same for me.

"What you do that for?" He hissed.

"We need to find the others, safety in fucking numbers, and if you start shooting or throwing grenades all of a sudden none of us will make it out alive. And I very fucking much like living!" I hiss back.

"Grenades are always the answer." He sassed.

"No the fuck they aren't- god you're honestly a immature fucking child."

A/n Hey bitch! Hey Jerk! Hehehe Supernatural reference. I honestly cried when I found out they cancelled it after the 15 season. Anywho, here's the chapter for you. Hopefully action, action, and more action from here on out. And thoughts on Leon and Cassidy team up? (Kinda reminds me of Jordan and Leo from my other book KBA)

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