34. See How He Fucking Likes It

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A/n Hello my lovelies! Welcome back! I had a few people want to know what happened to Drew and the Others, so this chapter has been swiftly made for you all - ahem, just uh don't hate me please...

Drew Garrett POV
The pounding in my head just got worse as time went on, I'm not even sure how long we'd been here.

I turned my body's position and let out a groan as a result.

"Mrrphmm!" I lifted my head and attempted to focus my blurry vision on Ethan and Archer, who were trying to get out of the shackles that kept their arms above their heads. Their faces held worry and anger, I'm sure mine just held pain more than anything else.

The rusted metal door slammed open with a bang that was within rhythm with the pounding in my head.

Two hands grabbed the bloodied remains of my dress shirt and yanked me up off the ground.

Ethan and Archer Yells came out in muffled protest, while I could do was groan.

"That fucking bitch of yours is dead next time I fucking see her." My eyes snap to attention with the red head in front of me.


"Mrrm?" I furrowed my brows in confusion before he slams me into the brick wall hard.

Another shot of pain rang though my joints, before splintering through the rest of my body.

Mother fucker

"She just had to go and ruin my plans now didn't she? And fucking insulted me." He hissed.

A minor smile made its way to my face through the pain, earning another shove from Grant up against the cold hard wall.

Ethan and Archer again yelled in protest.

"I'm going to skin her alive while I make you watch." He stated all too calmly with a dark look in his eyes I had never seen before.

I glare as hard as i could before slamming my forehead into his causing us both to groan, but causing him to stumble back as I slouched against the cold brick wall.

My head hurts more now...

Grant groaned at the impact before something ignited in his eyes - Rage. My vision was blurry as I saw a fast-paced blur of red come shifting towards me before another shot of pain rang through me starting at my face, my head shot back and hit the wall again.

Archer Daniels POV

Grant had punched Drew in the face and his head shot back and he hit the wall full force, his hands were tied behind his back and his ankles were tied together, he couldn't stand up because his hands and ankles were attached by a rope. Drew slumped to the side as I saw him go unconscious. Grant proceeded to continuously kick him in the stomach.

Ethan and I were yelling for him to stop, and he seemed to hear us and turned around and walked over. Grant came towards me with a sinister look on his face, his smile was sickly as he proceeded to punch me in the stomach.

"Mmrphh!" I let out a groan at the impact as I hunched over attempting to regain my breath from the pain. I looked up at his figure before standing straight and standing above him. I bit down on the piece of fabric in my mouth as I proceeded to lift my knee and kneed him in his stomach.

See how he fucking likes it.

Grant stumbled back and hunched over in an attempt to get back his lost breath. His eyes snapped to mine as I was breathing heavy. His eyes had an evil glint in them as he stood straight and pulled out a knife.

"That wasn't very nice Archer, I'm your friend, you've really hurt my feelings and for that - I'm going to hurt Drew." He chuckled darkly.

My eyes grew wide as myself and Ethan started screaming in protest as Grant made his way back over to Drew you seemed to come to a few seconds ago. Drew was already in very bad shape, his shirt was covered almost entirely in blood, he can cuts and bruises that covered his torso, not to mention his red ankles and wrists due to rope burn. He had a large gash running above his right eye, along with a bruised cheek and jaw along with a split lip from Grant's recent tenderising of his face.

Ethan and I yelled at him as he kneeled down to Drew's slumped form.

"Now, Left or right side do you think?" Grant chuckled as he grabbed Drew's bicep and pulled his body to face him. "-im thinking left side" he muttered to himself as he played with the knife in his hand.

Before I could even attempt to get Grant's attention and away from Drew he stabbed him in the left side of his stomach. Drew let out an extremely pained groan as blood started to stain his semi-dried blood covered shirt. With one swift movement Grant - painstakingly slowly - removed the knife from Drew and stood up.

"Don't worry, im just making sure that he's dead by the time that bitch and Leon attempt a sad and failed rescue of you all." Grant said as he seemingly strolled out of the dark and damp room.


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