6. She's Insanity At It's Finest

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Cassidy Clarke POV 

As the others of the fucked up boy-band posse slinked away to what I would assume was an office, the guy that was carrying me - Drew - turned off and into a lounge room. I continued to struggle on top of his shoulder blade, groaning in frustration and anger, finding it very difficult to get comfortable on top of his muscles. What annoyed me was that whoever the hell they were, they were godly-attractive, and seemed very dangerous and of course Aspen fucked them over in some way or another. and of course me being the -oh-so-lucky- person i am, i was mistaken for her and was almost seemingly killed and murdered in cold blood tonight, but it seemed that they needed Aspen for something, probably thinking that they could trade me for whatever they need, i hope they are preparing for a rude awakening. im pretty sure Aspen has been trying to think of ways to get rid of me, not that anyone would actually miss me im sure...but hey, i miss me. I'd miss existing, at least i care about myself. - no one else is going to do it right...?

"Alright, lets get you comfortable shall me?" He muses, as though waiting for an answer that he knows wont come.


I mumbled incoherently attempting to get my distasteful and angry words out. He chuckles in response. He slid me of his shoulder and I made contact with the cold leathery surface, sending a shiver down my bare back and spine.

I groaned as I attempted to shuffle away from him but he grabbed my tied ankles and looped rope between them and somehow attached it to the end and underside of the couch arm.

"Asshole" I yell but comes out as "mrph a-hrol" he chuckles at me again and I glare at his retreating figure. If we were in a whole different situation, his chuckle would have been a reason to smile, right now, he was a asshole, and his chuckle made me want to punch him in his perfect teeth.

Calm down Cass, breathe, and get out of these ropes and then you can punch the Abercrombie models in their perfect teeth.

I lifted my butt off the couch and slid towards my ankles and the rope slacked slightly. I pushed my hands on the cushion and pushed myself up, I turned my head and bit down on the fabric in my mouth as I twisted myself around to get a view of the ropes wound around my wrists. I turned and twisted them, pushed and pulled them and felt them loosen slightly. A few more jiggles of my wrists and they slipped out of the rope.

And now I have rope burn. Oh joy...

I yanked the gag out of my mouth and begin untying my ankles. I pulled the rope off and stood up.

"clever girl." I hear a voice behind me. I spin around and see the five - gun welding boy band members staring at me. The guy who's nose I broke had an amused smirk on his face, the guy I could only assume was the leader had his arms crossed over his chest looking me up and down, the red head, who was holding a laptop didn't seem very interested, the other two were staring at the rope that now laid spiralled out on the couch and floor.

I glared at them all. My eyes darted to the figures, while my mind was racing to think about ideas and motives of escape.

"what do you want?" I ask as I cross my arms over my chest and scowl at Mr-Leader-Dude.

"well, sweetheart, have a seat and we can talk." he replies all too sweetly.


I narrow my eyes at him and turn around and sit down cautiously on the couch. They all walk to the seats in front of me, except for one of them who had the nerve to sit down on the other side of the couch I was on.

Must have a death wish...

"why. Am. I. Here." i state.

"we thought you were Aspen." the one on the left shrugs. I narrow my eyes at him and bit the inside of my cheek.

"and, why do you want my sister?" I ask cautiously, looking back at the leader.

"business, she was to acquire something for us and betrayed us with our competitors." he replies all business - like.

"right, well you're going to have to elaborate a bit more, if you're expecting me to do something" I say as I cross my arms over my chest and flopped into the couch.

"what can you tell us about Aspen?" Drew asks. He's the only one who's name I know...

I narrow my eyes at him. "what do you want to know?" I challenge him.

"would she have planned the betrayal?" the leader-dude asks.

"probably not, she probably got a better offer?-" I question, before adding "-Probably better sex." I reply and hear a couple of the guys snicker and the leader dude narrows his eyes at me.

Oh... He must be the one that fucked her...On the poor guy...

"dont look at me like that, you're the one who put your ding-a-ling in her walking-STD-port" I Sass and everyone except for Mr-Leader-Dude laughed. But I swear I saw his lips twitch before he scowled.

Bad move Cass, bad move...making Mr-Leader-Dude angry could result in your immediate death.

I sigh and lean forward. "look, okay, you want the truth? - Aspen has made my life. A living hell, from shoving me down through fucking stairs to breaking my hand with her high heels. She's crazy, she's killer her fucking dog! For christ sake okay! she's attracted to the whole 'bad-boy vibe' thing, and if you shoved pretty things or money in her face, she'd probably pull down her pants and let you spank her in public, she's that crazy okay? Now I have no fucking clue what she did and what she was supposed to 'aquire' - " I air quote."-but she probably flipped as soon as someone else offered something different than what you offer, a bigger amount? Or something shiny I don't fucking know. We are completely opposite to each other, she skates through life getting everything given to her, while I work my way up in everything. No one knows I exist. No one. I get mistaken for Aspen every fucking day. And now with what ever the fuck you want her for, she's fucked me over again. Honestly? It wouldn't fucking surprise me if the better deal was for your 'competitors' to kill me for her. She's Insanity at its finest" I finish in a huff.

"so I suggest, even before you think, you can trade me for whatever she stole for you, just fucking kill me Instead, because I am the last thing she wants back." I say as I look up at all of them staring at me. Mr-Leader-Dude looks deep in thought, and is staring at me, and the others basically have the same facial expressions.

Well, suppose now is the time I die. God I wish I had someone to give my comic books to. I'm too young and weird to die!

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