7. Pretty Sure She's The Evil Twin

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A/n Sorry guys, I needed another Till Fix. And the GIF works with the chapter! But look at him! look at him. gosh darn it, my ovaries can't handle him. and to make things better I'm doing Drew's POV. xx

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Drew Garrett POV

Killed her dog? Slept with her sister's boyfriend? Abused her twin sister? I mean, I knew I didn't like Aspen, but Leon did, so I kept my mouth shut, besides, we needed her to get the plans from Ray so we could stake out the museum, and get the good that our employers were paying u so handsomely for. 

Leon Clears his throat before looking my way. "Drew keep an eye on her, she's not going anywhere at the moment." he says, I hear the girl take a shaky sigh and I reply to Leon with a curt nod. My eyes drift over to Cassidy, she basically just told us to kill her straight out because we couldn't use her to get what we wanted from Aspen. She had her head in her hands. and she looked utterly terrified. - understandably so - Any sane person who was kidnapped and taken to an unknown location with a bunch of guys with guns would be crazy if they acted normal, but she seemed to be taking it rather well. 

Leon, Grant, Archer and Ethan Stood up and went towards the office. Archer patted me on the shoulder and sent me a slightly deranged wink. I rolled my eyes In response and he chuckled. Shuffling away, the room was filled with silence. I turned to face the girl who was yet to move out of the position she was in previously.

A low growl resonated from the girl and she jerked up and looked down at her stomach. I crossed my arms over my chest and looked down, cracked an amused smile and shook my head as cleared my throat.

"Common' the kitchen is this way." I states as she looks at me and furrows her eyebrows.

"What?" She questions.

"Unless you were practicing whale noises, you are hungry, the kitchen is this way, and Leon and the others might be a while." I say and she looked down again. I grin to myself.

"I mean, I can carry you if you like." I hint and she jerks up into the standing position before crossing her arms over her chest. I chuckle as she faces me. "God I wish I could punch you in your perfect fucking teeth..." she mutters low enough to assume that I didn't hear her. I laugh. 

"the kitchen is that way-" I gesture to the left "-Ladies first." she narrows her eyes at me before she turned around and walked towards the door of the kitchen. I followed behind her.

God she's got a great Ass...

And those Tattoos...

I wonder what others she has...

"I Swear if you're staring at my ass, I will punch you in the face, whether or not you have a gun." I hear her voice and look up to see we've entered the kitchen and she turned around.

"I would never..." I fake gasp and I saw the corners of her plump lips quirk up slightly before straightening out.

Plump lips?

Eh. I'm a man, I can get sappy...

I walk over to the fridge and opened it, pulling out some left over pasta from last night. I opened the lid and placed the container into the microwave and started it. I turned around and saw Cassidy sitting on one of the bar stools on the bench. Looking down and playing with her fingers. I turned my head to the side, trying to figure her out.

"why haven't you tried to run?" I ask and her head lifts up and her eyes meet mine.

"would I really be able to get away?" she asks raising an eyebrow.

I shrug. "did Aspen really do all those things you said?" I asked her.

She sighed in response. "yes, when you guys uh. - found me - I was on my way home, Aspen had been paying the guy I was seeing to take me out." she says sadly.

"why do you think she hates you?" I ask.

She laughs a not so humous laugh. "I wish I knew the answer to that. -" she pauses. "but I'm pretty sure that she's the evil twin." I crack a grin and chuckle.

"maybe she was jealous of you? - you're a genius after all." I propose.

"how do you know that?" she asks incredulously.

I shrug. "we have our ways" I hum as the microwave goes off. I pull it out of the microwave and place it on the bench and pull out a fork.

She stares at it as I hand her the fork. She eyes it suspiciously. "look at that, possibly my last meal, God I love me some reheated pasta..." she mutters but stabs the pasta aggressively with the fork anyways.

I lean up against the other bench and watch her.

"dude, you're creeping me out, quit staring." she says as she stabbed another piece of chicken.

"I'm just trying to figure you out. -" I shrug. "-wouldn't your parents have any worry for you?" I ask.

She snorts. "ha ha ha-" she mock laughs and I furrow my brows. "-I'm pretty sure they hate me as much as Aspen does. Apparently my intelligence is 'scary'-" she air quotes with the fork in one hand. "-besides, they refused to let me move out, and Aspen is their 'perfect' daughter, so why would they even want to show their weird genius daughter to the world anyway?" she wonders out loud as she goes back to stabbing the food, not eating it but rather stabbing it repeatedly in frustration.

She drops the fork and looks at me. "I've never been enough, my parents are never home, and I'm pretty sure my twin in a psychopath. I've got dozens of degrees, and no friends, I get mistaken for her on a daily basis, and then that Kyle dude today, looked at me like you are now, - confusion and fucking pity."

"you saw Kyle?!" I state, seemingly ignoring the rest of her rant.

"y-yeah, he was fucking Aspen on the kitchen counter, why?" she asks furrowing her brows.

"he's our competi-" I'm cut off.

"Drew!?" I hear Leon's voice.

"in the kitchen!" I yell back.

The pounding of footsteps as heard before Leon and the others walked in.

Leon nods at me before looking at Cassidy.

"well sweetheart, looks like you are going to help us break into a museum." he states as Cassidy's face falls.

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