33. Love Is A Lie, Especially If It's With You

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A/n Hello my lovelies, sorry for the wait, so here's the next chapter. Xo


Previously on The Mistaken Identity's Revenge...

Why?! Why are you doing this! We've known each other our whole fucking lives! Why Grant!?" Leon was breathing heaving his free hand was clenching and unclenching in anger.

"Don't you see I'm doing it because I fucking love you!" Grant yelled.

Well shit, for heartfelt feeling sharing moments go, I feel that this is going to be anything but...

Cassidy Clarke POV

Oh shit. Oh shit. Oh shit.

I saw Leon's face turn into a frown.

"Love? You love me?-" Leon asked. "-how could you love me? You have no idea what love is?!" Leon yells

"Of course I fucking love you! I've loved for you years! Why do you think I made Kyle get rid of that bitch! She was taking you away from me! Our gang! Us!" Grant yells.

That terrifying cat is out of the bag...

"You? You're the reason she's dead?!" He screams. The two guys on either side of Grant had amused grins.

Sadistic assholes.

But we need to get out. And get to the others. But...if Grant's working with Kyle, why is he here now? Unless he's going to double cross Kyle? And take the necklace and in some demented fantasy, run away with Leon and leave the others for dead.

"Kyle killed her for me. I put the hit out on her, she was lying to you! She never loved you!" Grand yells.

"She was fucking pregnant you bastard!!" Leon replies breathing angrily as his voice breaks.

My eyes darted around. Grant had a shocked look in his face before he hid it.

"Then I did you a favour, that toxic bitch and her kid would have destroyed you. I love you Leon." Grant replies.

"Love is a lie, especially if it's with you." Leon replied.

"I guess I'll just have to teach you." Grant chuckles. "Something I will enjoy, you probably not so much" he chuckles.

I shudder as flashbacks of my ex flow through my head and subconsciously I feel my scars burn at the memories.

Not about me, it's not about me. Don't let your past control you. I'm safe...with three bad guys, two of which are pointing guns at me.

Safe. Safe. Safe.

Leon made a move to step forward towards him, but I grabbed his arm. Gripping it tightly, he turned his head toward me and glared at me for stopping him.

"Trust me and play along." I whisper into his ear, just as I, knee him in the stomach and grab the gun on Leon's waistband and pointed it at his head, clicking the safest off.

"Sorry for all this, but you let us go or I shoot him in the head Grant." I hiss as I pressed it to Leon's forehead. He was glaring at me, clutching his stomach.

Had to make it real right?

"You're not going anywhere." He hissed. I turned my head to face, with the gun still in my grip.

"I know exactly what this is, you hoped that Leon would come running into your open arms. News flash asshole, you killed the woman he loved, but honestly? I don't give a shit.-" Leon's eyes darkened and his glare hardened.

I do give a shit! I'm giving plenty of shit!

"-and more to the point...did you really think you could just take Leon and still the necklace and double or rather triple cross everyone? That sort of shit doesn't happen in real life. So now. I am taking Leon and the fucking necklace with me. To get the others back. But honestly? I might get a better chance to run if I just fucking shot him." I hiss.

Grants eyes widen a fraction, ultimately believing my story.

"Like hell he was going to double cross Kyle" asshole one states gritting his teeth.

"or like hell would we let him" asshole two replied. Grants eyes darted between his apparently disposable collegues, his eyes widening at the thought of his lies and deceit getting out.

Karma's a bitch!

My eyes flicked to the display cases around me. And an idea popped into my head.

"One main thing you should have thought of though." All eyes were on me.

"I know how all the security systems work here." I state as I removed the gun from Leon's forehead and shot one of the display cases.

Alarms started blaring as I grabbed Leon's arm and pulled him up before sprinting off.

"Get them!!" I hear Grant yell just as we rounded the corner.

"For fuck sake Leon, you're a thief! Fucking run faster!" I whisper hiss at him.

"Did I elbow you in the fucking stomach?! Huh? Did I?" He sassed angrily.

"It wasn't even that fucking hard!" I groan as we slid around another corner.

"You're welcome, by the fucking way." I say as we turned and entered the hallway leading to the ballroom or the side car park.

"Whatever." He hisses. We ran towards the exit and out of the museum.

"Follow me." He grunted.

Fucking caveman!

We swiftly made out way to the car and I slipped in the passenger side.


I watched as the darkened office buildings and nightlife clubs and bar lights flew passed us.

"Where are we going?" I asked Leon cautiously after about 20 minutes of driving around

"Safe house to load up before calling Kyle to make a deal." He stated.

"Okay." Was my curt reply.

"And...I...ugh...thank you for before, if it wasn't for you albeit painful quick thinking I honestly don't know where I would have ended up." He struggled to state.


"You're welcome Leon." I grin turning my head to him.

"I'm never going to fucking love that down..." He muttered under his breath as we drove down a residential street.

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