28. Improvisation Queen

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A/n hello, sorry for the late update (s) writer's block and University stuff got in the way, hoping to finish by the end of the year if it all works out, it just might be a chapter a fortnight, unless you really need the next chapter...and lovingly pester me to update - which does work btw.

Onwards to mayhem!


Cassidy Clarke POV

Shit shit shit. They're catching up to me...I need to hide!

I glanced back to the guys chasing after me, guys? Yeah more like giant ogres chasing me. Suppose at least it's nice to know that they're not going to kill me straight away, only hurt not kill so that's nice right?

Wow, look at me, looking on the brighter side of things, - actually more like looking on the slightly less grim side.

I rounded another corner and saw that I was nearing the ballroom again – honestly though, a museum having a 'ballroom' what was with that?

Look at that, here I am running for my life and I'm asking stupid questions – well that seems to explain my life right there now doesn't it...

I heard the ogres' heavy footsteps catching up to me,

I can't catch a fucking break.

I sprinted further and faster and squeaked into the ballroom, however with all the mingling socialites and the music going they didn't seem to hear my feet on the linoleum floor. I slid to the far wall and attempted to sneak through the nodes and little groups of stuck up investors.

I began making my way towards the other door but had to freeze when I saw, four more guys enter through it.


They were all blending in with their suits, but they still looked like giant ogres who ran a marathon and were sweating like pigs. I ducked behind a curtain and peaked out for a closer look. 

One of the men nodded and made gestures to the other exits of the ballroom and the other three broke off and went to their designated areas to guard the doors and prevent my escape. Assholes.

"oh Rosalie darlin' are you alright? Lookin' like you've seen a ghost" Melissa Edwards, my boss' wife speaks up from behind me, causing me to jump.

I turned to face her, attempting to keep my eyes out for any of the men.

"Melissa, oh you scared me, I'm just tired, not entirely used to being out this late." I smile at her.

"Late? Darlin' it's only 10 o'clock." She replied cheekily. "oh and where's that lovin' fiancé of yours?" she added.

"uhh...he went to the bathroom." I say a little too fast. Shit. Improvisation is difficult.

"you honestly, don't seem like a Rosalie if im being completely honest."

What?! She knows im not who I say I am?! Oh shit.

"what? Psshhh, that is ridiculous, I am Ca-Rosalie!"

I suck at this! Normally I can lie easily, but what happened to Drew? I need to contact Leon, he'll know what to do.

"Ca? sweetie, I know you aren't who you say, but that's alright, but please don't tell me your actual name is Ca?" she laughs lightly.

She honestly has no filter, suppose that was why I liked her.

"its Cassidy..." I sigh, you can honestly not get anything past this woman, I've learnt over the past week.

"aha! Now that's a name that suits you're personally much better!" she says cheerily.

"I uh...might go and find Drew now, he really has no sense of direction...ha..ha..ha.." I laugh.

"oh? Alrighty then sweetie, but before you go, can I ask you about those tall brutes you're trying to hide from behind this here red velvet curtain?" she raises a perfectly sculpted grey eyebrow.

"what?!" I squeaked. "Melissa, I- uhh –"

"Oh I'm sorry dear, one must be a horrendous ex, it wasn't my business to pry, but I saw you run into the room without shoes and that look of horror on your face when they came in.-"

"-are you in trouble dear?" she continues.

"what? N-no I-"

"now sweetheart, you here are lookin' at an improvisation Queen." She says.


"alright now, sweet heart, when I start acting you make a run for the nearest exit alright?" she states.

"why are you doing this? You don't even know the reason im here, or why I lied, or any of it." I ask confused.

"Cassidy darlin' I like you, you are one of the best curators we've had in years, Ezekiel has barely had a conversation with anyone without mentioning you in some way – only good things I promise, and I'm sure you had a perfectly good reason to lie about your name, besides, I got into trouble when I was your age, gangs, guns, the whole shebang." She states as though it was the most common thing.

"okay, so now you know what im talking about, you make a run for it when I start playin'" she winks before walking towards the centre of the room.

"AH! I-I c-can't breathe" she says as she leans over, and people crowd around her. She then falls to the ground. I turned around and saw that the exit that led through the Egyptian and Aztec exhibitions was clear and made a bolt for it.

She really is the improvisation Queen, I'll give her that.


I rounded another corner and exited the Egyptian exhibit.

"Drew? Cassidy?" god fucking dammit, Anyone there?!" Leon's voice rang through my intercom.

"Leon? Thank you guys are alright, Drew got taken by Kyle's goons, I got away, but they are still around, where are you guys I need hel-"Leon cut me off.

"I'm the only one that got out, they broke into headquarters, took Grant, Ethan and Archer-" he pauses and I hear shuffling in the back ground.

"-listen,-" he pauses "-you're gonna have to steal the necklace tonight, I can only assume that Kyle took the others along with drew to try and trade them for the necklace – the lazy bastard" he whispers the last part, supposedly for me to not hear it.

"what? I I cant steal it, that's your fucking job, I don't know how to-"

"I'm ten minutes away okay, i'll be there soon, just- just don't get caught, that the last fucking thing I need right now, you're all I have..." he mutters.


A/n hello my lovelies, sorry for the delay again, hope you liked the chapter, let me know what you think. I'm currently writing the next chapter so I'm hoping to have that up in a couple of days. xx

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