It Started With A Heist by aya_sherif
It Started With A Heistby Aya ツ
He's the law, She breaks it. Emma Lawrence is not your typical girl. She is a professional thief and con artist. So what will happen when she meets Jake Parker, a promis...
  • painting
  • police
  • fbi
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CRIMINALS . DENVER || MONEY HEIST (discontinued) by authorm04
(Money heist - La casa de papel // English version) My name is Greece. But when all started, that wasn't my name.
  • casadepapel
  • money
  • dễ
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The Beauty And The Heist  by henrietta_lacks
The Beauty And The Heist by :)
Highest Rank #1 in Action 14/6/16 Chevron Raynes 'accidentally' hacks into her college mainframe and finds blueprints to a billion dollar satellite belonging to none oth...
  • badassreads
  • globetrotting
  • stars
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Heist » Seulrene by okseulgi
Heist » Seulreneby v
With a promise and grand plan to save her falsely jailed father and his company, Kang Seulgi, a robber who's wanted and on the run breaks into Bae Irene's house in the m...
  • fluff
  • action
  • fanfic
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The Wrong Mark (18+) [Completed] by Nox555
The Wrong Mark (18+) [Completed]by Nox Barsten
"A girl. What a pleasant surprise." A guy in his mid-thirties was leaning on the wall, his hands crossed over his chest. He was a head taller than her and bigg...
  • adc
  • afterdark
  • crimi
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Resurrection - Book TWO - Donaghey Brothers by RElizabethM
Resurrection - Book TWO - Donaghey...by Wendy Elizabeth
This is Book Two - You may want to read Retribution first before diving in here. ****************MAY BE SPOILERS FROM BOOK ONE - PROCEED WITH CAUTION**************** F...
  • thriller
  • secondchance
  • heist
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Bored Brains - Taegimon by BlueHourAddict
Bored Brains - Taegimonby Blue Hour Addict
Taehyung gets bored really fast. But boredom finds a sudden end when he consults the mysterious programmer who goes by the name brain monster to help him on his master t...
  • vmon
  • boyxboy
  • brainmonster
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bombshells ❖ a roleplay by CallMeByLadyBird
bombshells ❖ a roleplayby ƬӨЯI
a roleplay by tori § ella
  • roleplay
  • rp
  • heist
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Numbers by fiajane123
Numbersby fiajane123
After finishing Season 3 and painfully watching the flat romantic subplot involving Michael Gray dissipate before my eyes, I decided to make my own Rain Kinsley, the Ca...
  • heist
  • isiah
  • michael
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Paradox Chaos Drop [Part 1]- This Is NOT A Fanfiction! by X-Killua-X
Paradox Chaos Drop [Part 1]- This...by ヾ ☆иιgєяιαи ☆ヾ
All the rankings above are lies. Ongoing... *This is part one of the story! Every 50 chapters will be a new part.* Hey! You. Yes, you. The person reading this. I want y...
  • romance
  • wattys2018
  • action
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The Mistaken Identity's Revenge by TaylaOsborn
The Mistaken Identity's Revengeby Tayla Osborn
"Aspen, you'll pay for double crossing us" the tall Greek God like guy seethed. Holding his gun firmly in his grim directed at my head. "you'll regret th...
  • taken
  • hack
  • kidnapped
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Him and I by destiel_cumberbitch
Him and Iby Sayu💕🌈🇲🇽
{cover done by @abbyga_y} [The book is actually better than the description] Why would a wealthy, successful, eccentric, mysterious, secretive businessman like Benedict...
  • heist
  • benedict
  • action-romance
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TIME | BTS {crime} ✓ by jimindigo
TIME | BTS {crime} ✓by ivy
'D-Don't move...', the young boy said. Jimin placed his hands in the air, slowly inching towards him. 'I SAID DON'T MOVE!', he shrieked, tearing up. 'We don't want to hu...
  • gangster
  • heist
  • mature
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Secret Agent, Counterspy- This Is NOT A Fanfiction! by X-Killua-X
Secret Agent, Counterspy- This Is...by ヾ ☆иιgєяιαи ☆ヾ
A/N: In case any of you are suspicious on why the votes and reads are nearly the same, the truth is I only get reads by votes... most people avoid this book because of h...
  • survival
  • kidnapped
  • horror
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heist • jjk by ANewYorkFangirl
heist • jjkby C H L O É
"I'll do any anything as long as you won't tell." "Anything?" He asked, amusement dripping off of his tongue. "Yes." "Then, make out w...
  • bangtansonyeondan
  • fanfic
  • hobi
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Sly Cooper 5: The Lost Cooper by RileyJordan1997
Sly Cooper 5: The Lost Cooperby RileyJordan1997
Sly is stuck in Ancient Egypt after claiming justice for his family ancestors. With a new threat looming around the corner, Sly needs to come up with an way to get back...
  • sky
  • sly2
  • suckerpunchproductions
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Jeffrey Dean Morgan/ Character Imagines  by __countrygurl__
Jeffrey Dean Morgan/ Character Ima...by Carly?
Imagines may include - Denny Duquette Patrick Sullivan Negan Max John Winchester Jason Crouse + More! And of course Jeffrey! Cover made by: Platypusgdfan
  • thewalkingdead
  • imagines
  • normanreedus
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Artifact by RowanShaw
Artifactby Rowan Shaw
Harper Gregory is the most brilliant researcher of the Society of Ra, a secret organization that sources the most valuable artifacts around the world, some so powerful t...
  • wanted
  • archaeology
  • magic
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H2Odelirious x reader by dizzykamkam07
H2Odelirious x readerby The_DizzyFrizzy
It's about this girl named Dawn Calibre she Is from Hawaii and she's moving to were her brother Lui in Los Santos with her gang and she Is about to leave collage but so...
  • terroriser
  • pregnancy
  • supernatural
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Bts: Earned It by jhopexdaddy
Bts: Earned Itby jhopexdaddy
In a world in which a troublesome gang of teens, brought together by circumstances, band together on their common goals and the fact that on their own, individually, the...
  • hoseok
  • suga
  • rapmonster
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