10. Crap On A Cracker

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Cassidy Clarke POV

As I walked closer towards the strange noise, I couldn't help but shutter, the hallway was so dark I could barely see anything in front of my face, nor where I was walking, it was ominous. Like a fucking horror movie. except I seemed to be living it. I took another shaky breath in as I continued my - mostly likely disastrous - trek into god knows what territory. My breath hitched in the back of my throat as I saw a shadowed figure turn around the corner to face me. He pulled a gun and before I could react the shadow raised it and everything went black.






I woke and shot up into a sitting position, breathing heavily as sweat dripped from my forehead. I suppose I should have expected to have nightmares seeing as Aspen has hired people to kill me. "Ugh. Shit..." I mutter to myself as I peeled back the covers, I looked at the partly covered window and saw that it was still quite dark outside, I was going to assume that it was between three and four in the morning. I tiredly rubbed my hands over my face as I looked around the darkened room.

Is this going to be my life from now on?

Working for a bunch of Abercrombie model thieves?

I mean, the eye-candy is nice, but then the stealing stuff is kind of unnerving. - but then again, the government steals from everyone, so technically we are just following in their footsteps.

But more to the point... Would they actually protect me? In the end I will most likely just be used until they don't need me anymore and then I'll be left to run for my life alone.

Do they plan on killing Aspen?

What if they then decide to kill me too?

"Fuck." I groan as I rub my hands over my tired eyes.

I need to punch something...

Perhaps the gym would help me let loose.

I threw my legs off the bed and stood up. I then walked towards the wardrobe and rummaged through finding a pair of black booty-shorts and a hot pink Nike sports bra. Grabbing a thong from a draw I undressed and put them on follow by the bra and booty shorts. Walking into the bathroom and looking in the mirror, I then proceeded to tie my hair up into a high ponytail. Quickly washing my face to relive myself from the sleepiness, I turned on my bare heel and walked out towards the hallway door.

I quietly opened the door and looked both ways before walking to the right.

Hope it's this way....


After about 20 minutes of wandering around aimlessly I finally found the door to the gym.

I opened it and stepped in, the lights seemed to be on timers or sensors because as soon as I stepped in the room became enveloped in light. I squinted my eyes to adjust to the light.

The large room was filled with any and every piece of gym equipment you could want. I looked around until my eyes landed on a slightly worn punching bag in the far corner.

As I made my way to the corner I found a pair of what seemed to be basically brand new boxing gloves which also happened to be my size.

Positioning myself in front of the bag I thought about every single thing Aspen did to me.

Left Jab

Breaking my hand.

Pushing me down the stairs.

Right Jab

Fucking my boyfriend.

Breaking mum's favourite vase - over my head - and then turning it on me.

Left Kick

Stealing my possessions.

Right Jab

Destroying my photo albums, with my grandparents.

Stealing and selling their possessions so I couldn't keep them.

Left Jab

Right kick.

Finally getting into a rhythm I zoned out and became completely enveloped in my thoughts.









I was breathing heavily, as I wiped the dripping sweat off of my forehead.




"can't sleep?"

"crap on a cracker!" I turned around to be faced with Drew. "jesus christ." I state as I look at him.

"yeah, can't sleep..." I trail off. "-what are you doing here?" I ask. Not that I really have any play in asking - I mean, he lives here and I don't...

He crosses his arms over his chest and chuckles. "well it's 4:30am and it's usually when I get in some training." he states with an amused grin. I nod in response.

"Grant has organised your alias, for the museum curator position, Leon and the others will go over it with you later tonight, but seeing as you are here, would you care for a sparing partner?" he asks.

I look over to the slightly swinging bag and nod. "Yeah it would be nice to hit something that isn't an inanimate object" I say and his laughter fills the room causing a smile to grow on my face.

"Perfect." he walks over to a padded area as I remove the gloves from my hands, throwing them on a bench near by.

"So what's the plan?" I ask cautiously as I stretched my arms above my head. I saw him staring, his eyes roaming my body - suppose its nice to be wanted.

"Well, I was thinking something like, whoever pins the other down, gets to ask a question." he proposes as he removes his shirt.

Hot Damn.

oh and those tattoos...

"You like what you see?" he asks as my eyes trail down to his v-line, above his loose basketball shorts. I nod my head and bite my lip as my eyes dart back to his. "Yeah, I'm liking what I'm seeing, and that sounds good. No Limits?-" I ask as his brows quirk in curiosity. "-in the questions" I clarify.

"No Limit on how personal the questions are, we're both adults right?" he laughs and I nod.

"Bring it on." I taunt.

Who says you cant have fun, when you're working...

A/n Hello my lovelies!! look at that! an update only five days after the last one. are you proud?! I am. im really enjoying this story and hope you are too. the next chapter will help shed some light on the amount of abuse and issues Cassidy has had to face, as well as some bits and pieces about Drew and his past. mainly a insightful character developmental chapter. and then the next few chapters will be more action when she actually starts working. please let me know what you think. and Like/Vote/ and comment. I would love you hear your thoughts. xx

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