8. Like Hell You Aren't

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A/n Here's your hottie fix for the chapter - Alex Pettyfer in all his shirtless glory. Archer Daniels is Played by Pettyfer. xx

Cassidy Clarke POV

"well sweetheart, looks like you are going to help us break into a museum." Mr-leader-dude says.

"excuse me?-" I ask. "-like fucking hell I am." I say as I stare at them.

"like hell you aren't -" he chuckles, amused.

"-besides, you don't have much choice.-" leader-dude shrugs. "-especially seeing that Aspen has put a hit out on you."

I opened and close my mouth.

Can't really say I wasn't expecting it to be honest...shes always hated me, though, I did expect that she'd want to do the deed herself.

"are you sure? How do you know anyways?" I ask.

"I looked at her financials, and saw a transfer of $50,000 to a business that is just a cover, they are an assassination agency" the red head explains and shrugs.

"it's not a normal hit, she wants you alive, so sort of a capture and torture order, she plans of finishing you herself." the guy who's nose I broke states.

So she is a psychopath. I knew it. Kinda wish I didn't but, hey I told you so- or myself so... So I have a bunch of psychos after me, while I sat on a couch surrounded by five hot, sexy - possibly psycho - men. Oh joy...

"but why would you want my help? I mean I - you could just let me go and I'd be dead, and it's not really your issue is it." I say as I look back at the leader-dude. His eye flash with an emotion I know all too well - pity - before composing himself.

"you have 18 history degrees, and are also qualified as a meseum curator recently, congratulations by the way. Besides, you would be our way into the museum. And with your idedic memory, you could recite the whole floor plans and or even draw them, in return we protect you. "he shrugs and I eye him suspiciously.

Oh wow a job offer! I am jumping for joy right now! A job offer as a fucking spy for a bunch of hot bad guys...

"and why? Not even an hour ago, you threatened to shoot me in the face because you thought I was Aspen, and what exactly do you do?"

"we're thieves sweetheart, we are known as the devi-"

Fuck. The devil's possession. I've heard about them. They've stolen millions, if not billions worth of historical items and made a mint off them. As far as the police know, was that it was a group of five people - guys - who have never been caught.

"the devil's possession. Fuck." I groan. Drew chuckles.

Ugh that damn chuckle...

"w-why can't you do it yourself? I mean? What did Aspen do for you guys?" and why are you all being so nice! Twenty minutes ago I was tied to a fucking couch!

"she was acquiring the floor plans of the museum we intend to break into, we have an employer who wants something, Aspen, and Kyle- who is one of our competitors, stole our plans we need to get the item." he states distastefully, and even more so when saying 'kyle'.

"so. You guys want me to get a job a a museum as a curator and tell you everything about the building so you can break in and steal something?" I ask.

"yes, and in return, we protect you from your sister and the people she has hired to hurt you." he says devoid of any emotion.

"uh... God... Okay, don't have much choice anyways..." I groan as I put my head in my hands.

"perfect. I'll leave you to get acquainted with the team." he says as he walks out of the kitchen.

I turn to the group of guys. I look at Drew who shrugs at his leader-dudes demands.

"as you know I'm Drew" he says.

"the red headed hacker over there is Grant." Drew states and I looked over to the disinterested Grant who gives me a slight head nod of acknowledgement.

"that's Archer" he points to the guy who's nose I broke, who didn't seem to be so angry at me anymore. Archer gives me a once over with his eyes before winking. Ah yes, I Spy the flirt.

"And that's Ethan" he points to the other blonde. He sends me a small smile.

"and what about Tall, dark and brooding Mr-leader-dude?" I ask.

Grant cracks a smile that bares his teeth, Archer starts laughing, along with Ethan, and Drew stands there shaking his head in amusement.

"Well, Mr-leader-dude is Leon" he adds emphasis to his name.

"okay. -" I nod in acknowledgement. "-what happens now?" I ask.

"well, Grant is organising your job at the moment, while Leon talks with our employers about the change in plans, you would most likely be starting on Monday or Tuesday. But seeing as you can't go home, we'll have to take you shopping tomorrow." Archer says.

"right. Okay." I mutter.

"Ethan, show her around." he adds.

I stand up and follow Ethan out the door and into the hallway.

You're looking at the newest member of the Devil's Possession. Maybe it would have been better if they killed me...

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