32. Boom, Boom, Fire Power!

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A/n Hey everyone! Welcome back! Just finished my second week of uni, and I'm in need of a break, so volia, here is a fabulous little chapter for you all.



Cassidy Clarke POV

I'm surprised he didn't bite my head off after my rant.

He's starting to like me! Or hate me less? Either works for me!

I made my way toward the entrance to the Aztec exhibit. I turned around and saw Leon grab his bag and make his way towards the necessary display cabinet that housed the necklace.

"Find them." I hear Grant hiss. I slid behind an Aztec temple replica to hide myself. Peaking around I saw, in the dimly lit room.

Grant was standing in between two tall men. With another three trailing behind them. The one on his left was about a foot taller than him, with dirty blonde hair, and what I could only assume we're brown eyes because of the darkness. The other man, on his right, similar in height as the blonde, had dark brown messy hair and hazel eyes.

He looks familiar...

That's one of the assholes who got Drew.

I clenched my teeth in anger as I tiptoed around the exhibition until I was behind them.

"So...Why are you helping us?" I heard one of the guys ask. Let's just call him asshole three. As opposed to the two men walking in line with Grant, Blonde and brunette, asshole one and two, respectively of course.

"I made a deal with Kyle." Was all Grant said in reply.

"what kind of deal?" asshole three asked. Again.

"Kyle got rid of someone for me, and this is me paying him back with it" Grant shrugs.

I narrow my eyes at his figure.

What is he getting out of this? Why is working with Kyle better?

and who the fuck did Kyle get rid of?

"and Leon is Mine, rough him up, but don't touch him otherwise, that's my job" He chuckles.

umm...okay, that sounded both sexual and darkly creepy...

For once in my life, I really don't want to know the information behind those words.

Sharing isn't always caring you freaky rangar dickwad.

"You three search this section, while we'll head off towards the necklace. The girl and Leon wouldn't be stupid enough to seperate from each other, especially seeing we outnumber them." I saw asshole one state, and he, asshole two and Grant walked in the opposite direction, while assholes three through to five. Turned around and made their way towards my direction.

Aw fuck

I ducked behind the model temple again as they came closer.

"Do ya think it's true?" I hear one ask.

"What's true?" Another voice grunted in annoyance.

"That the redhead has a thing for Leon? And got Kyle to get rid of the girl? What was er' name? Lucy?" His accented voice asked.

Oh shit. Grant is in love with Leon? And got Kyle to get rid of Her? What the fuck!?

"Of course it's true you idiot, apparently, he's also a - what's it called... Dominant masochist guys, he gets off on causing someone pain or whatever, and he's been pining for Leon for years, he's gonna get a rude awakening once he finds out about Red's sexual tastes." He chuckled, with the others joining in.

I said I didn't want to know!!!

I already had to previously deal with a Dom and I don't ever want to deal with that shit again.

"Cassidy, I'm going to need about 10 minutes" I hear Leon's voice ring through my intercom.

"Okay." I whispered.

My eyes darted to the men, seeing that they all had guns strapped in their waistbands. I shuffled around and waited until they were in front of me with their backed turned.

I ran up behind them and raised my knee and jumped on the middle one's back. He grunted as he fell forward. I turned to my right and punched the guy in the nose.

"Don't fucking move!" I spun around to the left and the other asshole was holding a gun in his grip directly in front of my face.

The absolute fucking nerve of this guy. Am I right?

I gritted my teeth, ducking and spinning, before kicking my leg out and kicking the gun out of his hands.

I had a pair of arms wrap around my upper body and lock me in place.
"Common girly, you really think you can take all of us?" The guy chuckles.

"Yes. As a matter of fucking fact. I do."
I threw my head back, making contact with his nose and hearing a crack. I proceeded to step on his foot and slip out of his arms and elbow him in his stomach before turning around again and three two punches to the other guy in front of me. A couple of knees to the gonads, had both of them on the ground.

The third guy - who I feel like I've neglected, comes running at me in fury. Stepping to the side, I proceed to jump on his back and wrap my legs around his waist and my arms around his neck in a choke hold and began to squeeze. He was clawing at my and my thighs and arms as the dress I was wearing had risen up.

Go to fucking sleep!

"Go. To. Fucking. Sleep." I groan. His movements became sloppy as his body became limp.

"You've got more coming your way" Leon's voice stated.

"How much more time do you need?" I asked.

"I- Grant" Leon's voice was strained, not so much in pain but in anger.

I turned around and punched assholes three and four for good measure before sprinting towards where Leon, and where I assume Grant and assholes one and two were.

"Look what the bitch dragged in."  I narrowed my eyes as I walked out from the side, making my way towards where Leon stood, with the necklace in hand. Grant was glaring at me. While the other men pointed their guns at me.

"Put your hands up or I shoot you." Asshole one - blonde - ordered.

I gritted my teeth and turned to Leon who was holding the necklace in his hand as he glared at Grant.

"Why?! Why are you doing this! We've known each other our whole fucking lives! Why Grant!?" Leon was breathing heaving his free hand was clenching and unclenching in anger.

"Don't you see I'm doing it because I fucking love you!" Grant yelled.

Well shit, for heartfelt feeling sharing moments go, I feel that this is going to be anything but...

A/n - in clarification, I have nothing against BDSM or the BDSM and kinky lifestyle. I'm more than kink friendly. But in accordance to this book and the characters it's not for Cassidy. (Especially with after her experiences with the scene (which do not portray the scene in any right light) and her previous relationships)

And Grant is in love with Leon! Ain't that a plot twist. I honestly didn't see it coming either. But he was the reason that Leon's love Lucy was killed! Duh! Duh! Duh! Drama drama drama...

I remember stating that I was wanting a double update today, but you might have to just wait a day or so for it.

Please let me know what you think! I live for your comments.



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