Thieving Heart (18+) [Private Chapters] by cLasPakaclaire
Thieving Heart (18+) [Private c L a s P
(If you're not following me, don't add this book into your reading list because you can't open it. If you add it before following me, you'll have trouble opening the boo...
  • obsessive
  • breeding
  • rated18
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The Wrong Mark (18+) [Completed] by Nox555
The Wrong Mark (18+) [Completed]by Nox Barsten
"A girl. What a pleasant surprise." A guy in his mid-thirties was leaning on the wall, his hands crossed over his chest. He was a head taller than her and bigg...
  • afterdark
  • adultsonly
  • erotica
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Little Brat (An Avengers FanFiction) by a_slice_of_toast
Little Brat (An Avengers A Broken Sock
Pandora, a twelve year old girl, is homeless after Loki tried taking over the world. She hates the Avengers for not even saying sorry. As a way to make money, she steals...
  • tonystark
  • peterparker
  • natasharomanoff
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The Beauty And The Heist  by henrietta_lacks
The Beauty And The Heist by :)
Highest Rank #1 in Action 14/6/16 Chevron Raynes 'accidentally' hacks into her college mainframe and finds blueprints to a billion dollar satellite belonging to none oth...
  • wattys2017
  • lovehate
  • globetrotting
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Working Stiff (manxboy) by creamyeggyolk
Working Stiff (manxboy)by creamyeggyolk
Hector Bryne; 'Master' pickpocket and self-professed hunk, made his living off unsuspecting American tourists. It all went south one day when he decided to make Joseph L...
  • crimesolving
  • action
  • wattpride
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It Started With A Heist by aya_sherif
It Started With A Heistby Aya ツ
He's the law, She breaks it. Emma Lawrence is not your typical girl. She is a professional thief and con artist. So what will happen when she meets Jake Parker, a promis...
  • robbery
  • thief
  • action
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🔥 The Path of Fire (Path of Light and Fire Book #1)(Completed) 🔥 by rtmwriter
🔥 The Path of Fire (Path of Wakanda Forever
Thief. Murderer. Mage. Prince. Warrior. Heroes. 16 year-old Sabin's plans to join the army change when he learns he is a Serien - a warrior who wields an element. With a...
  • action
  • powers
  • epicfantasy
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Hustle by clairechilton
Hustleby Claire Chilton
RULE#1: DON'T STEAL HIS HEART. After ripping off a dangerous mob boss, Ellie Phillips decides it's time to quit hustling and give up her life of crime. She just needs a...
  • adventure
  • mystery
  • thief
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My Family ( A Summer Rose X Male Reader fanfic) by Dranged
My Family ( A Summer Rose X Male Argon [Ar]
Ruby: Mom...... Summer: Yes Ruby? Ruby: Where's Dad? Summer: Tai? Well he- Ruby: My REAL Dad. Where is he? Summer: .... (Y/N) Rose, the REAL father of Ruby was presumed...
  • rubyrose
  • blakebelladonna
  • family
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Thief of Thorns by Thedarkroseofwriting
Thief of Thornsby Lexx Golden
|•COMPLETED ✔•| A young thief named Norvin is sent by a group of traveling bandits to steal from the palace. Norvin would normally tell these type of people to shove it...
  • fantasy
  • thief
  • lgbt
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I stole the bad boys phone by mollyy512
I stole the bad boys phoneby Mo🌞
"What did you call us over here for?" Yasmina asked. I looked at them before taking Daniel's phone from out of my pocket. "What should I do with it?"...
  • happy
  • death
  • phone
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The Little Thief by PinkTheDinosaur
The Little Thiefby PinkTheDinosaur
Alice has whats called Youth Lock syndrome, a rare genetic defect that makes a person's body stop aging. for Alice, despite being 18, still looks to be 9. after runnin...
  • wet
  • scared
  • diaper
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7-Eleven [Lashton AU] by iCheeseYou
7-Eleven [Lashton AU]by Memedesu
Ashton Irwin is a master of thievery. He steals from general stores, food markets, jewelry shops, museums, and people's homes. Never once did he get caught nor did anyon...
  • 5sosau
  • ashtonirwin
  • lukehemmings
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The Rogue Guardian by 18gooda
The Rogue Guardianby 18gooda
SEQUEL TO THE ROYAL THIEF cover by @Iukeh3mmings Jaden has disappeared, leaving only an enigmatic note to guide Morane. The instructions: Go to Port Maenar, the birthpla...
  • royal
  • princess
  • thief
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A Master Thief finds Love: Sly Cooper Male Faunus Reader x RWBY by ShaNEON_757
A Master Thief finds Love: Sly ShaNEON_757
This is a story idea that I thought of after remembering the Sly Cooper games, so this is mainly for you Sly Cooper fans and RWBY fans. So, this is a story where an amaz...
  • malereader
  • vengeance
  • yangxiaolong
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Red Mist (Naruto FanFic) by MidnightPilots
Red Mist (Naruto FanFic)by Akaito × Kaene
[Book One] "I'm proud of who I am. A thief, a lone traveler who never stops running. Just watch me, I will fight and survive, for me and by myself." Akai is no...
  • shinobi
  • thief
  • akai
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Konohas Master Thief by Blindfaith2v1
Konohas Master Thiefby BlindFaith2v1
Being a thief is hard work. Especially when your only 14. But things get interesting when you get caught by a ninja and asked to be a ninja. Raijin has a strange life. B...
  • thief
  • konoha
  • naruto
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BlindSight: A Thor (Loki) Fanfiction by butterfire_fly
BlindSight: A Thor (Loki) Elleira "Raye" Cross
After his fall from the Bifrost, Loki finds himself stranded on Earth until he can fully regain his strength and powers. He is found and taken in by a girl named Mandy...
  • thief
  • nightmare
  • thor
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Take me to church → derek hale [2] by pettyparrish
Take me to church → derek hale [2]by ahdree
→ book 2 ❝ No matter how fast light may travel, the darkness always seems to get there first ❞ Movies lied. They always told girls their formals would be like a Cinderel...
  • derekhale
  • teenwolf
  • pettyparrish
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Thief Lover (H2ODelirious x Reader) by BasicallyMe36
Thief Lover (H2ODelirious x Reader)by “IAM ALIVE “
Nobody falls for a thief. Not in Los Santos. The biggest thief of all, is (Y/n) (L/n). She steals and kills to help out her and her baby sister, Flare. But, it's also fo...
  • fanfiction
  • bannabuscrew
  • heist
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