16. Fake Fiancé Say What?

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Cassidy Clarke POV.

After our escapades in the lingerie store we decided that we had finally finished shopping and required food before we headed back to the uh... Hideout?

Drew dropped off the bags to the car and then we started walking back into the mall. We started towards the food court where we were told by Archer that we'd be meeting them there.

"Drew!" we both turned around to see Ethan speed-walking towards us while Archer was several meters ahead and was sprinting towards us.

"G-guess who w-we just saw..." Archer pants out as he rests his hands on his thighs to catch his breath. I turned to Drew who rolled his eyes amused at his lack of agility before asking. "Who?"

Ethan made his way to our group as Archer straightened his posture.

"Talia" Ethan stated with a smirk. I saw Drew's face fall. He was getting flustered.

"And...she is coming this way." Archer adds emphasising the 'she' as Drew glare at him.

"Fuck." I looked around Archer and Ethan as Drew freaks out beside me, to see a group of barbie-like women, complete with the layers of make-up and boob jobs. The middle one however, seemed to be less of a barbie than the others, the only thing I saw was that she had gotten a boob job, and she had moderate make up, she was wearing a pale blue dress and a matching pair of heels. None of the women had seen us yet so I was able to get a good look at them.

They all look like bitches.

I turned back to Archer and Ethan who were staring at a freaking out Drew. I turned the other way to face Drew.

"who's Tali-" I was cut off by Drew's lips attacking mine. A small yelp of suprise escaped me at the sudden action. Drew circled his arms around my waist and pulled me flush against his chest. - again. I attempted to move away slightly but Drew pulled me back in. He pinched my side forcing me to open my mouth where he slipped his tongue in.

"ahem." a throat being cleared broke us apart. We turned to see the three women - all of which were glaring moi. Asshat bitches.

"oh Talia, what a nice surprise." Drew states all too sweetly before pulling me closer to him. He turned to me and I could see the dread in his eyes.

"oh how rude of me, Babe, this is Talia, Talia this is Cassidy." Drew gestures to the correspond person.

"oh?" Talia, didn't seem to be buying the idea that we were - together? - or fake together.

"Cassidy is Drew's fiancè!" Archer exclaims. Drew stiffens before squeezing my waist in an attempt for me to continue playing along with being his Fiancé. I then find myself glaring at Archer's tall figure while simultaneously digging my nails ever so slightly into Drew's hand who stood beside me dealing with my anger. I turned back to see Talia staring at me with disgust.


"Archer!-" I scold turning back to him. "-we were planning on keeping it between us and the others." I state as I slap his arm playfully, before glaring at him that I'd kill him later. I saw him gulp in fear as Ethan snickered beside him.

"Fiancé? Ha, that is hilarious Drew baby." Talia all but screeches.

Gag. Oww my poor ears.

"Archer is right, this is Cassidy, my fiancè-" Drew emphasises. Lie. Lie. Lie.

"I love her." lie. He just wants to sleep with me.

"we met, and just hit it off." lie. He tied me up and kidnapped me.

"we do everything together." lie. I've known him less that two days, but have gotten so close that he has finger-fucked me.

"we are happy." li- actually no, he is pretty happy with himself after our moment in the change-room.

"You're marrying this ugly bitch!?" Talia squeaks. I roll my eyes.

Bitch. I'm hungry. I cannot deal with you anymore.

I raise my hand to stop her from speaking. "alright, Sweetie, I honestly do not care what you think of me. You can yell and scream as much as you like, but we - meaning I have somewhere to be, and you are not there, so shoo like the little slutty bitch you. Woof woof babe" I emphasise.

Talia grew even more angry by my statement. Her and her friends stood there in horror before glaring at me. Ethan and Archer were all but pissing themselves laughing and Drew's face held an amused grin.

"babe, we should get some food and head home." I say as I faced Drew.

We all began walking away. Not before hearing Talia lose her shit.


"Leon needs us at home. Bring the pizza!" Archer exclaimed as we walked towards the car with pizzas in mine and Ethan's hands.

"apparently Cassidy is in trouble." he snickers.

"fake Fiancé Say What?" I ask shocked.

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