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Marshal, Please Calm Down by OpheliaClementine
Marshal, Please Calm Downby Ophelia
Hacker God Mo is the Number 1 Hacker from the 21st Century. Reborn in the Interstellar era, he was an ancient man from thousands of years ago. His ambition is to shine t...
I Think I Have a Glitch by user26231076
I Think I Have a Glitchby Big Weeb 69 😜
No quirk/ hacker AU where they're all 22. Shinsou runs a hacker gang known for cheating people out of their lively hood, planting viruses, and glitches. His gang is just...
Side Character Transmigration: final boss is no joke!(ARC 3-15, missing Arc 5) by kabita_rai
Side Character Transmigration: fin...by KR
NOT MINE!! ONLY FOR OFFLINE PURPOSES!!!! System: Host, what is that thing in the sky? Shi Sheng: An intergalactic spaceship. System: ...This is a cultivation world, whe...
𝖿𝗋𝗈𝗆 𝗍𝗁𝖾𝗇 𝗍𝗂𝗅𝗅' 𝖿𝗈𝗋𝖾𝗏𝖾𝗋 ━ 𝙩𝙖𝙚 𝙤𝙝 by lilyviolets
𝖿𝗋𝗈𝗆 𝗍𝗁𝖾𝗇 𝗍𝗂𝗅𝗅' 𝖿𝗈𝗋...by 𝐊
Kim Hana or as her name used to be, Hana Bushida, met a boy who doesn't talk all that much but shows her what it is like to love and to be loved through actions. Though...
Error. (yoonkook) by -mudita
Error. (yoonkook)by nope
"Error. Failed to retrieve information." Cover credit goes to: @silkjins
Project Zorgo One-Shots by Lemonade678
Project Zorgo One-Shotsby M
In this AU. Our young heroes are PZ members, explore their lives as they go through funny and silly adventures!! :3
Twice x Reader || Hacker's Domain by justarandomtwicefan
Twice x Reader || Hacker's Domainby justarandomtwicefan
Twice's Instagram account: Twicetagram has been hacked by an unknown user. That user has changed their password and started posting fraud messages. While the JYPE worker...
HAVOC || Na Jaemin by monopeach_
HAVOC || Na Jaeminby 모모.
"Sounds like a lot of people are going to die." Two unsuspecting high schoolers, a mafia boss, and a detective. All working together to prevent a terrorist att...
Diversity (dekuverse) by Ashido_Moka
Diversity (dekuverse)by LE _DED
They are confused. Two sets of the same people stood the opposite of each other, one looking more psychotic than the other. Class 1-A was also just told that their will...
Anonymous Dark Britain (A Watch_Dogs Legion crossover) by SPETSNAZ2020
Anonymous Dark Britain (A Watch_Do...by SPETSNAZ2020
8 months after the events in Chicago, Anon and the others leave to London fora trip only for it to get cut off by a terrorist attack. After it occurs, the city is placed...
[COMPLETED] Roses are Rosie .. | Rosé X Male Reader--Blackpink fanfic by jendeukieka
[COMPLETED] Roses are Rosie .. | R...by Jenjen
[COMPLETED] You and Me.. meet each other.. i don't care if its just your plan.. But the one i care is.. Do you really love me?
Anonymous: Expect Us by anonymousruinmepls
Anonymous: Expect Usby daddy anonymous
this is just bc i'm literally obsessed with anonymous and we all know he's packing soooo 😗✌️
Daddy Anonymous by BxtchyBxstard
Daddy Anonymousby BxtchyBxstard
This story is about a girl who is living her life normally. She's in college and she lives with her boyfriend. This story contains Smut and Harsh Language.
Dons secret twins by LeannWashington
Dons secret twinsby Leann Washington
Twins Malakai and Mac Martin/De'luca live isolated with their mother Lorraine Martin. When their mother Lorraine dies in and home invasions by russians during her last...
💙The Adventures of Haidyn Adventure💙 by Haidyn_Adventure
💙The Adventures of Haidyn Adventu...by Haid
This is a book inspired by the "Darling Life of CJ Qwaint" book by Lemonade678. This book will contain images, one shots and shorts! :3
The Illegal Bot - A Dream Team and Sleepy Bois + Tubbo Criminal AU by TubboWrites
The Illegal Bot - A Dream Team and...by Tubbox :3
I think this is original, really hope so. Had the idea for this in the shower lol. I couldn't find the original artist so if you know, please private message me and I'll...
A Mission With Heroes || Herobrine X Reader by animeAUlover
A Mission With Heroes || Herobrine...by KaiTheMathArtist
(Y/n)(L/n), most commonly known as the Mob Whisperer. She understands the mobs around her, even though they don't share the same language as her. Entity 303 has returned...
THE SECRET AGENTS by 1bunnylover
THE SECRET AGENTSby 1bunnylover
Three of the best agents from Lysander labs are sent to capture three traitors. But, are they really traitors, or is someone else the real traitor? Can the agents and th...
Falling for Anonymous  by toliveinabook
Falling for Anonymous by Kayla
In which 3 members of a secret organization go undercover to collect dirt on the government, and expose them for their unjust and corrupt ways. But everything changes wh...
AGENT | Anonymous by barbzforanonymous
AGENT | Anonymousby iro 🥴
Newly recruited Agent Scarlett Pierce was a determined woman - just waiting for the chance to take on her first true mission. She had worked alongside sexist men for alm...