5. What Do We Do With Not-Aspen?

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Leon Artemis POV

Aspen has a twin? A twin? An identical twin, with tattoos and a birthmark. She is actually more shaped too, she had more curves but was also quite fit.

My eyes drifted into the back seat where she - Cassidy - was. Cassidy, an interesting name... She was struggling up against Drew. Ethan was on the other side of the car, tying her ankles together. "mrrhhmm" she groaned as she was glaring at Ethan as he finished securing the rope around her ankles. Archer was in the passenger seat groaning in pain from his broken nose. She knew what she was doing, she knew how to fight, and she did a pretty good job, if I didn't point the gun at her face I'm sure she would have caused more damage. Grant was in her car following behind us.

"Fuck. God my nose." Archer mutters to himself.

Cassidy continued to struggle with the restraints, my eyes drifted over her long legs and up to her face to see her glaring at me again. I looked back at the road and turned down the street that lead to the warehouse. Grant followed behind us and turned into the end warehouse and the automatic gates closed.

We were Thieves, known as the Devil's Possession.
The best heist crew in the country, and most of Europe. We all played our parts.

Grant, who was 20, was our live-in nerd. He was able to hack many if not most security systems. He was also our eyes and ears, he'd be the little voice in our head when we were working.

Drew, who was 21, was our muscle, he was an ex-boxer and ex-seal he was discharged after 3 years, and knew most self defence techniques. He was there if we got caught when we were acquiring the goods. All of us could fight but Drew was a guard so to speak, he also found it fun. But to us, he was a big teddy bear. Although, if he knew I said that it's probably hand me my lungs.

Ethan who was 21, was our, distraction with his looks, he could sweet talk his way out of basically anything. And he was also pretty self centered, it was quite amusing to mess with him, especially with his hair.

Archer, who was also 21, was my second in command and he usually helped with escape, he was an outdoor enthusiast, he loved rock climbing, and basically anything else, sky diving, hiking, he was also our get away driver and that helped immensely for a quick get away.

We pulled up into the main room, and I put the car in park. "mrrphmm" I saw the girl struggling against Drew's grip as he pulled her out of the car. "mrrphmm-Ooph" I opened my Door and saw Drew holding the girl's legs as she struggled on his shoulder.

"Alright, let's get inside." I say as we shut our doors. Our compound was by the Docks and consisted of several warehouses and garages, we had all different kinds of vehicles and equipment.

"mmrhmm" I heard her struggling.

"you right Drew?" Ethan asks.

"I'm fine, she's not going anywhere." Drew chuckles in reply. I hear the girl seemingly growl in response.

"alright let's go." I state as we made our way to the stairs. We ascended the stairs and Drew's steps made her groan in response.

"alright, Drew get her comfortable on the couch, tie her legs to it and come into the office once you think she can't move." I say and the girls head Jerks up and glares at me as she bites down on the fabric, she starts mumbling incoherent words.

Drew branches off to the lounge as we make our way to my office. We enter and Ethan shuts the door. I walk over to my desk and sit down in my seat. Ethan and Archer make their way over to the couches in the corner of the room.

"so...." Grant states as he sits awkwardly on the couch. Drew walks in moments later.

"okay, so what are we supposed to do now?" Archer asks.

"and what are we going to do with not-Aspen?" Drew asks as he throws his thumb over his shoulder to gesture to the girl tied up on the couch.

"well, she is Aspen's twin, she'd probably want her back." Ethan shrugs.

"yeah, but you heard her before, she would kill herself before helping her. Must be a pretty strained relationship." Drew points out.

He has a point. She said a rather amusing analogy. That if Aspen was on fire and she had a firetruck full of water, she's stick the hose down her throat and drown herself before she did anything to help her. - quite morbid, but more to the point all I can think about is killing Aspen. - and getting the plans she stole from us.

Unfortunately, Ethan wouldn't have been a good enough of a distraction to Raymond. So that was why we needed Aspen. She'd been fake-dating Raymond for roughly 5 months, after we were watching him, and he saw her, we were paying her handsomely for her efforts and she still fucked us over.

"she also seems pretty different from Aspen, the tattoos, the fighting skill, the mouth." Archer chuckles.

"hey I've got something" Grant states as we look over to him, he had his feet resting on the coffee table and a laptop in his lap.

"what do you have?" Ethan asks.

"well, she's a genius for one-" Grant states. "-IQ of 147, she's a certified forensic accountant, also has several degrees in computer science and programming, - with these skills, it wouldn't surprise me if she could hack too. Umm... fluent in 28 languages including French, Spanish, Italian and sign language. She's also done bits and pieces in linguistics and translations. Several history degrees, aspiring artist, black belt in karate, knows judo, and mixed martial arts, loves boxing and running and is a published author. Fuck. She's amazing." Grant finishes staring at the screen.

"she's a fucking prodigy!" Ethan exclaims.

"Damn, and she fights, fuck, change the subject, I think I'm falling in love." Drew states seriously. Archer, Ethan and Grant laugh. I suppress a grin.

"but seriously what do we do with her?" Grant asks.

"we find out what she knows and then go from there." I say. A chorus of 'okays' echoed in the room. "alright let's get her to talk." I say as I stood up and walked to the door.

Time to find out about Aspen...

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