39. Love Once Lost

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A/n hello my lovelies! The last chapter of TMIR. I quickly want to apologize for taking so bloody long to update. Please don't hate me! I've had an extremely full on semester at uni and had basically no time to spare (not that I'm just making excuses) but it was also really difficult to write this chapter. It's in Leon's chapter because it's about his past so I thought it'd be appropriate.

Edit a/n this is added just to let you know that it's mostly in Leon's POV, I found it incredibly difficult to write his POV so there's a small Drew POV to break up the chapter. Also sorry again for taking so long to update. Thank you for your patience.

Leon Artemis POV

"You and Grant are the reason the love of my life is gone!" I yell in anguish at Kyle as I punched him in the face again after we tumbled out of the window of the control room.

I just hope Cassidy can hold her own until I kill Kyle and get back up there.

"God! I don't know what's more pathetic! That red head or you whining about that Italian bitch!" Kyle laughed as he wiped the blood dripping from his month as he got up.

My eyes narrowed in anger at his figure. I loved her. Love her? Could she be alive? If there honestly is a god, I'm praying to him.

Drew Garrett POV

"We are not just going to sit here. I'm not going to let them face them on their own, I- stop fucking poking them!" I groan as Xander's doctor prods my ribs again.

"I'm trying to help you!" The skinny brunette all but hissed at me in response as he purposely jabbed harder.


"You do realise that if he goes all hulk on your doc that we aren't going to stop him from leaving right?" Archer whispered to Xander who was leaning up against the island of his kitchen while I sat in one of his dining room chairs being poked and prodded just for the fun of it, it seemed.

Xander laughed in response. "Why does he want to leave so bad?" Xander asked.

"He's in looove." Archer said louder in a singsong voice, stretching the 'o'.

"Damn right I am and I am not going to leave her on her own with Leon who only cares about revenge at this point." I said as I shoved the doctor to the side as I got up and started walking towards the door.

"Oi! Love sick puppy! We need weapons unless you're going to fight em' off with your lovesick ways!" Xander yelled causing me to halt my footsteps.

Leon Artemis POV

Kyle's lifeless body stared back up at me, he and Grant took the most important things from me. Lucy and my unborn child.

I made my way towards the control room and saw Grant pressing Cassidy to the floor. He was so focused on Cassidy he didn't see me until I was all but on top of him.

"You took them from me!" I yell.

"She was taking you away from us, I did it for the team" he was having trouble breathing by this point as my hands were wrapped around his neck as he tired to get me off of him.

Gasping for air he continued to breath out in an attempt to get air into his lungs.

I stared at him with such hatred until he finally stopped. I stood up and made my way over to where I heard Drew talking to Cassidy.



"N-no. I promised Leon I'd get to the computer" Cassidy's voice was raspy and pain ridden. I took my anger and mistrust out on her when it was one of my closest friends who betrayed me.

She's like the weird genius sister I never fucking wanted.

Drew seemed to nod in understanding and helped her over to the computer.

Making my way towards the desk and the others, Archer and Ethan patted my shoulder while Xander and his team - consisting of Alistair, Casey and Nico nodded in recognition as I rounded the corner of the computer desk - which seemed to be the only think intact of the office-like control room.

"Did I leave him enough to you?" Cassidy asked referring to how I wanted to kill Grant myself.

"Hmm? Slightly tenderized for to your liking?" She hummed as my eyes softened taking in her battered appearance.

I then gave her probably the only ever genuine smile in my life as Drew wrapped his arms around her.

God I missed that.

Sticking the USB into the USB port Cassidy's program runs before a file pops up.




"She's alive?" I whisper so quietly I barely even hear myself.

My eyes dart over the images that popped up as Cassidy opened the file.

"Leon, it- it also looks like you have a son" Cassidy states cautiously, as though I would break at the seams so quickly at the mere thought.

She's alive

Lucy's alive

I have a son

I'm a father

I don't even know his name

My eyes darted to the little boy she held in her arms, the photo was taken in what looked like a shopping mall car park, he had dark brown hair like mine and seemed to have Lucy's bright green eyes, he would be around 4 years old. Lucy had aged gracefully over the last five years - the last five years I thought she was dead.

"We'll find her Leon, we'll find both of them, I promise." Cassidy states with confidence. I hear the others agreeing.

"Let's get out of here and we can start looking for them" Archer states.

I turn around and face Xander.

"We'll help Leon, you'll need all the help you can get." Xander states as he nods his head. "You can all stay at our warehouse, yours is compromised." I nod numbly in response.

All this time she was alive

I wasn't even looking for her

Would she even want me on her life now?

Is there someone else in her life?

Would she even want me to meet and know our son?

I need to find her, I deserve these answers especially seeing as I still fucking love her so much it hurts.

A/n welp, that's it. That's the end of TMIR. I'm totally not crying, my eyes are sweating. Anyways, the next update is going to be about the sequel and I plan on hopefully starting that straight away..

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