Jealousy (Jisung)

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You checked the address one more time before entering the building.  This definitely was NCT's dorm, but it looked so different at night.  You'd never even been inside but had met Jisung, your boyfriend, out front a couple times.

You felt a hand grasp yours, and you jumped but laughed when you realized it was Jisung.  You were a few months older than him, and the two of you had met at school.  You had been his partner for a project, and the two of you ended up liking each other.  It was young, innocent love. 

Tonight, Jisung had invited you over to watch a movie.  It was something he'd seen before, but he had wanted to share the gem of a comedy with you.  You followed him up the steps to the dorm.  He had told the other members that you were coming over and that you'd be watching the movie in his room.

The two of you were sitting on his bed watching it when you heard the door open, and Lucas and Ten entered.  

"We wanna watch, too," Ten smiled, and sat beside you on the bed.  

Lucas sat behind you, and Jisung very visibly rolled his eyes.  He couldn't believe his hyungs had the nerve to interfere on your date like this.  What was their problem?

"Your shoulders look a little tense, Y/N?  What's been going on?"  Lucas waited for you to reply as he started massaging your tired shoulders.

"I mean, the diving team doesn't rest," you smiled sadly, trying your best to focus on the movie, but it was hard with Lucas using all his force to massage your shoulders.

"Divers have the best figures, though," Ten winked, and you cleared your throat, not sure how to reply.  "I mean, you guys wear those skin-tight swimsuits, and that hourglass figure makes a bigger splash than you do when you hit the water."

Jisung's jaw nearly dropped when he heard Ten.  He couldn't sit idly by anymore.  "The movie's over," he turned the TV off, and Ten and Lucas sat up, exchanging glances.

"Alright, I guess we'll get going, then.  The five minutes we did watch was good, though," Lucas smirked and dragged Ten out of the room, shutting the door behind them.

Jisung turned to face you, a different expression on his face.  "What was that?"

You furrowed your brows.  "What was what?"

"Don't play dumb.  You liked Lucas's hands on your shoulders.  And you enjoyed Ten's lewd compliments."

Before you could defend yourself, he slammed your back against the wall the bed bordered and stared deep in your eyes.  "You don't like me, do you?  Are you just using me to get closer to the other members?"

You couldn't believe what you were hearing, but part of you liked seeing Jisung so jealous.  It was kinda cute.  You pulled him towards you, letting him rest his head on your chest.  Running your fingers through his soft hair, you sighed.

"Jisung, I don't know what's gotten into you, but I really do like you."

He looked up at you, checking your expression to see if you were being serious.

"I promise," you smiled at him.  

"How am I supposed to believe you?" Jisung asked.

You leaned down, kissing his soft lips.  You quickly pulled away, your cheeks flushed.  That was the first time you and Jisung had ever kissed.

His eyes widened in shock, and he looked at you.  "I think I believe you."  He hugged you and intertwined his huge fingers with your smaller ones.  "Can I have another one?"

You giggled before placing another kiss on his lips.  "I'd better get going," you said hastily.  "I need to go train for my upcoming diving competition."

Jisung nodded, showing you to the door.  But before you could leave, Ten and Lucas popped up beside you.

"You can thank us later," Ten winked, and you blushed all the way down to your toes.


A/N: Wow, jealous Jisung is really something!  Thanks @IOnlyGot7Problems for requesting this!  

Question of the imagine: I was listening to NCT's songs while working on this and realized "Limitless" is actually my favorite song.  What's your favorite song, and who's your bias?  Dunno if you can tell, but mine's Mark Lee haha.  

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