See You Again (Lucas)

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Warning: This imagine is SUPER ANGSTY, and I actually ended up crying while I wrote it, so if you don't like deep, dark stuff, I would recommend moving onto another one :)

Linh held the photo frame in her hand, staring at the glass that was all shattered.  How could she have been so absentminded as to drop it?  This picture meant so much to her.  She ran a thumb over the boy's face, earning herself a cut from a loose glass shard.  The cut didn't phase her, nor the blood dripping from her thumb.  Her eyes grew misty as she remembered a time when she and the boy used to be neighbors and best friends.  All of that had been so nice until her family moved to Vietnam because of Linh's father's business.  

"Why can't you just start it here in Korea?" she had argued.

Her father studied Linh with sorry yet irritated eyes.  "I grew up in Vietnam and only moved to Korea just to get some experience and training until I was ready to open up my business.  Now that I have everything I need, I can move back, and our family can reconnect with its culture once again."

Linh's face fell.  She couldn't argue with that.  Immediately, she ran out of the house, finding her way to the empty playground in her neighborhood.  She sat on the swings, letting the wind rock her back and forth.  She was so lost in her thoughts that she didn't notice someone sit down beside her.

"What's wrong?"

Linh turned her head and saw Lucas on the swing next to her.  "My father is moving our family to Vietnam, so he can start his business," she explained sadly.

Lucas stared hard at the ground, trying to process what Linh had just said.  His heart started to beat faster, and he stood up suddenly, facing her.  "YOU'RE LEAVING?!"

Linh nodded.  Lucas wrapped her in a hug.  "Just know that I'm always here for you.  A few miles and a little ocean between us shouldn't be able to shake our friendship."  Lucas felt his heart thump even faster.  He couldn't believe the girl he liked was moving to a whole other country.  He may not even see her again.

"Promise me you'll visit," Lucas told her, sticking out his pinky,

Linh shook on it.  "I promise."

twelve years later...

Linh stood in front of her old house, remembering the nights she would sit out front and stare up at the stars with Lucas.  She was twenty-four now and had finished university.  Linh wondered what Lucas was up to and if he still lived in the same house.  She had finally gotten a break and found some time to come to Korea to pay her best friend a visit.

Before she could knock on Lucas's door, she stopped herself.  Her heart beat like crazy.  What if Lucas didn't remember her?  What if he had changed completely?  

She wandered over to the playground just for old time's sake.  The swing set sagged, and the monkey bars looked like they were about to give out any second.  The vibrant playground she had remembered looked so worn out and abandoned.  Yet, Linh still walked over to the same swing, taking a seat and hoping it would hold her weight.

The metal set groaned as she slowly swung back and forth, letting the night breeze do most of the work.

"What's wrong?"

Linh whipped her head around and saw him.  Lucas was sitting there, swinging next to her.  He was tall, way taller than she could have ever imagined.  His features were the same, but he had definitely gotten more handsome over the years.  His lips curled into his charismatic smile.

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