Sadie's POV

It's been a few weeks since the incident with Connor. He doesn't come to lessons anymore and quite frankly I'm okay with that. Me and Luke are doing great. I love spending time with him. We have made the relationship public which is great do we don't have to hide. The down side though is that I do receive some hate, but thankfully they have such amazing fans that stand up for me.

I've been getting to Claire a lot better lately. She's a sweet girl, and quite quirky, which makes her perfect for Mike. Today I was gonna introduce her to all the guys. They were all coming to our apartment.

We have about an hour before everyone gets here so I'm gonna make Luke clean up with me.

"Luke, babe. Help me clean up, it's like a freaking pig sty." I heard him groan from our room. He soon came trudging into the lounge room.

One hour later, we finished cleaning and everyone else should be here soon.


I get up and answer the door and see everyone was here. Mike, Ashton and Anne, and Calum and some girl. Claire would be coming a little later, she had to work.

I let them in and when it got to Calum and his girl I teased them. "So Calum, who's the lucky lady?" I say nudging his side.

"This is Casey. I met her at a Green Day concert last week."

I introduced myself. "Well it's nice to me you Casey, I'm Sadie."

"Nice to meet you too." Wow she was really pretty and nice. Calum was lucky to have a girl like her.

Everyone was seated and had drinks. We were all talking to Casey to get to know her better. She seemed awesome.

Soon Claire arrived, an I got up to answer the door. She comes in and introduces herself. I saw that Mike kept looking at her. She kept looking at him as well.

"So Claire, do you have a boyfriend?" Mike asks, of course he did.

" I'm kinda ugly, no guy would ever like me." She said biting her lip.

"Well, I think your pretty. You wanna grab some coffee." She nodded and got up and they left.

"Yes, we got Mikey a girl!" Luke screams in my ear. We all laughed. Mikey has been having trouble finding a girl lately. I felt bad for him, but then I met Claire and I knew they would be perfect.

"So what do we wanna do now." Anne asked sitting on Ashton's lap. They were adorable but haven't made it official.

"Lets watch movies." Calum suggested.

We all agreed and got the stuff ready. Me an Luke grabbed the movies. Calum and Casey made snacks. As for Ashton and Anne, they were making out on the couch. Not very productive, right.

We got all the stuff and walk back into the lounge room. "Guys no PDA." Luke shouted. We all laughed as Anne and Ashton turned bright red.

I put the movie in and we all sat down. I snuggle into Luke's chest and pulled a blanket over us. I wonder if Mike and Claire are gonna come back.

I get up and grab my phone. I go to open the door so I can call Claire to see if they're coming back. But the sight was shocking. Mikey and Claire were eating each others faces. I don't think they noticed me. So I unlocked my phone and took a picture.

"Hey, everyone. I got a pic of Mikey and Claire eating each others faces." I said laughing.

I turn to Mikey and Claire and their faces are bright red. Everyone else was laughing in the background. Mike started chasing me around the house. We were still running and I slipped and hit my head. Then I blacked out.

Michaels POV

"Somebody's call an ambulance. Sadie just slipped and she's not getting up. I think she blacked out." I here Calum talking on the phone.

Luke comes running into kitchen. He gets down his knees and starts to cry. All of this is my fault, I shouldn't have over reacted. I told Anne to call her brother so he could meet us there since he was back in town.

Soon the paramedics arrive and get her into the ambulance. "I need one of you to come with her."

"Luke go, the rest of us will meet you there." Ashton speaks.

He nods and gets in the ambulance with her and there off.

The rest of us get into 2 cars and leave.

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