Sadie's POV

The past two months have gone by pretty quickly, because we were leaving for the tour today. I was so excited. We were going to New Zealand first. I've never been there, I'm so excited.

"Ready to go, everyone else is waiting outside in the car." Luke said from behind me.

"Yep." I said popping the p.

We walk downstairs and all the guys and their girls are waiting in the car. When I get I greet everyone and we start jamming out to some music. You could tell the driver was getting annoyed.

We get to the airport and we check in and go to security. Security took a while, as usual. Finally we got through and now we were just waiting for the plane.

Soon we boarded the plane and we were off. I sat with Luke of course, Ashton and Anne, Calum and Casey, and Mike and Claire.

*3 Hours Later*

We finally arrived in Auckland and it was raining, great. I had to stop doing guitar lessons because I was gonna be gone for 6 months.

We get off the plane and start walking to baggage claim. I go to grab my bags but Luke beats me to it. "Luke, I can grab my bag myself."

"No it's fine." He said giving me a smile. Which I returned.

We go outside and the guys are surrounded by dozens of screaming fans. There were several things being shouted out like. "CALUM HAVE MY BABIES." "ASHOTN MARRY ME." "LUKE I LOVE YOU." "MICHAEL I LOVE YOU." It was crazy, but the guys loved their fans. The guys took pictures and signed things as we made our way to the car.

We got into the car and left the airport. It was so cold outside. We finally arrived to the hotel we would be staying in for a while. We got to the front desk and Marcus, they're manager gave rooming assignments.

-Me and Luke
-Casey, Claire, and Anne
-Ashton, Calum, and Michael

Everything was perfect. Marcus handed us our keys and we went to our rooms. All of our rooms were on the same floor. Me and Luke's room was across from the other guys and the girls were next door.

Me and Luke go inside and I set down my bags. It was only 12:3o, so all of us decided to meet up in the lobby in 10 minutes and go out for lunch. I grabbed a fresh pair of clothes an changed. I had a pair if light wash jeans with a coral tank and a beige cardigan. I paired them with a pair of brown flats. I grabbed my phone and wallet and waited for Luke to come out of the bathroom.

"Ready princess." I nodded and we left the room.

We got down to the lobby and we were greeted by the others. "So I heard there's this really good sushi bar here so why don't we go there." Calum suggested.

"I'm fine with that." Mike said.

"Sounds good." Anne replied. The rest of us nodded and we made our way to the sushi bar.

We sat down and ordered our food and drinks. While we waited we just talked about the tour.

"We go to Europe in 3 days, we won't have hotels there just a tour bus. So it's gonna be pretty crammed since there's eight of us." Luke spoke.

"I need my own bed for my makeup supplies and stuff. So one of you girls need to give up your bed." Anne said sipping her drink.

"Sadie will give hers up." Luke volunteered for me. I looked at him and he just smirked.

"Luke, I don't want to sleep in the lounge." I complained.

"I didn't say you were sleeping in the lounge now did I. Your sleeping with me princess." He said smiling. Everyone else just laughed.

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