Sadie's POV

Today's the day I get to go home and relax. Luke has been really helpful lately. My head still hurts but it's nothing I can't handle.

The doctor comes in and stands next me. "Sadie, you are free to go. Make sure you take it easy though. In about a week or so your concussion should go away. Other than that everything's fine." I thanked and him, Luke had gone home quickly to get me some clothes to change into.

He came back for me with some clothes. I get up and go change in the bathroom. I looked in the mirror, I looked horrible. I had under eye bags and my hair was messy. I change into my clothes and walk back to Luke.

We left and went back to our apartment. We got to our apartment and first thing I did was shower. I felt gross after being in a hospital for 3 days and not showering.

I get to the bathroom and strip of my clothes. I hop into the shower and the warm water feels so good. I washed my hair and shaved. It was starting to become a jungle situation. I turn of the water and hop out and wrap my towel around me.

I walk back to the room an get some comfy clothes. Which meant sweatpants and a tank top. I grabbed some fuzzy socks and put them on. I tied up my hair into a bun after drying it.

I walk back out into the lounge room and see Luke on his laptop. "What you doing babe?"

He quickly shut the laptop and put it down. "Nothing."

Hmm, what was he up to? Ehh, it not my business or is it. For now I just shake it off, its probably nothing.

"I'm hungry will you make me some lunch babe?" I asked him batting my eyelashes.

"Only because I love you princess." He said standing up.

10 minutes later, Luke comes pack with 2 plates. With a sand which. Ham and cheese to be precise.

"Thank you babe." I said pecking him on the lips.

I grabbed the remote and we continued watching the PLL episode we never finished. He seems really into it.

It finished at he looked confused still. I couldn't help but giggle. The look on his face was priceless.

"What so funny." He asked turning off the tv.

"Your face." I said giggling at him.

"Ha ha. Very funny, I thought you loved me."

"I do love you. But your just how do I put it nicely. Um...a clueless penguin." He just smirked at me and pulled me into his lap.

"I missed just sitting here with you." He said playing with my hair.

"I missed it too." I said snuggling myself into him.

"I've been thinking, and I was wondering if you wanna go out on a date with me Saturday?"

"Why I'd love too." I said giving him a cheeky smile.

"It's settled then, it's a surprise so don't ask about anything. Cause I won't tell you." He smiled at me.

I pouted my lip at him. "It's cute but it's not gonna work princess." He said pecking my cheek.

"I'm tired, I don't care if its one in the afternoon. I'm taking a nap. Come with me?"

"Is that even a question." He said picking me up bridal style and taking me to our room.

He gently placed me on the bed and got in on the other side. He pulled the covers over the both of us and we just cuddled there. I liked being in his arms, I felt happy. He was my happiness.

Those two years without him didn't feel the same. Yeah I had gotten over him, or at least I thought I did. But I enjoy being with him so much. He makes me smile.

I kiss him one last time before I doze off.

Luke's POV

I waited till she was fully asleep to get back up. She looked so peaceful sleeping. She looked beautiful. I smiled at her and walked out of the room.

I pick up my phone and called Calum. He was gonna help me plan this date Saturday.

After the second ring he picks up. "Hey man, what's up?"

"I need you to help me with something. I wanna take Sadie out Saturday and I want it to be special."

"What do you have in mind."

"We'll I was thinking..."

Soon I finished the phone call with Calum and it was all set he was gonna talk to the other guys and the girls to see if thy would help as well.

I really love Sadie and I want this to be perfect. Because she is perfect.

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